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Meiji University Kanda, Jimbocho Chinatown project

On the date

From Friday, October 7, 2011 to Sunday, December 18

Place Kanda, Jimbocho area

Subway Jimbocho Station
JR Ochanomizu Station

Sponsorship The 130th anniversary of the foundation of Meiji University commemorative project executive committee

Meiji University education and researches plan office
Telephone: 03-3296-4272


Event contents


◆Business of the 130th anniversary of the Meiji University foundation 

"Kanda, Jimbocho Chinatown" which is foreign student street who appeared in the early 20th century.
By this project, it is aggregate historic existence of the "education" "town" "world" with Kanda, Jimbocho district and hand
Hold various events that assumed "Kanda, Jimbocho Chinatown" axis, and work for the rediscovery, and of the future
We think about the way of globalism.

 ⇒ Flyer is this

◆Yasukuni Dori Beijing opera, lion dance charity parade
  (kickoff event)

  We start at 13:15 on Saturday, October 8 in /2011 year on the date and time
  ※Neighborhood of Jimbocho intersection - Meiji University liberty tower interval.
   We carry out lion dance, dragon dance, Beijing opera in case of rain in open space in front of academy common entrance at the time.

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◆Festival stamp rally of "Kanda, Jimbocho Chinatown" taste

  Date and time /2011 age from Saturday, October 8 to Saturday, November 19
  Participation store (the order of the kana syllabary) ...
  Name of a country greens Hanyang tower / Chinese food source next public house / out of SANKOUEN CHINA CAFE&DINING/ *toorushuten /
  It is CHINESE DINING hotel new Beijing / Yangtze River Chinese restaurant on shop Sanko garden / Shanghai morning market / new world Chinese restaurant / heap of dumplings
  ※As stamp rally-related plan, we install Great East Japan Earthquake contribution collecting box in participation store.
   Please cooperate.

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◆International exchange 130 years of display Meiji University of the 130th anniversary of Meiji University foundation

  Date and time /2011 age from Friday, October 7 to Sunday, December 18 from 10:00 to 17:00
  Venue / Meiji University academy common special exhibition room under the ground on the first floor
  ※It is the Jimbocho head office under Sanseido Bookstore and the cosponsorship in book fair "good painters of Meiji University" in conjunction with this project
   We hold in this (from October 8 to November 6).