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Ochanomizu Arch Night

On the date

Sunday, October 23, 2011 from 17:00 to 21:00

Place The Bunka Gakuin entrance arch outskirts
(2-5, Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku)

Than JR Ochanomizu Station Ochanomizu Hashiguchi a 5-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Ochanomizu Station a 6-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Shin-Ochanomizu Station Exit B1 a 6-minute walk

Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Ochanomizu arch knight executive committee

Ochanomizu arch knight executive committee
E-mail: archnight.2011@gmail .com


Event contents



OCHANOMIZU ARCH NIGHT (the Ochanomizu arch night) launched in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Bunka Gakuin
It was elaborated a plan as part of "project of the 100th anniversary of Bunka Gakuin". To people still many more than the times
It is art event that assumed symbol, arch of Bunka Gakuin which continues being loved the stage.
Interchange open to many people who hold every year at night of the last day of the autumn school festival, and love art not only person concerned with academy
We aim at becoming no ground.
Work called "space" mainly one using picture, design, music, picture of academy student, many works including words
We build up.
We can always discover anything slightly different while finding space that is non-daily life brought about by arch in the five senses
It will be thing.

◆What is Bunka Gakuin which is meeting place?

Architect, painter, ceramist, poet, Isaku Nishimura of life culture student who represent Showa in the Taisho era poet Hiroshi Yosano,
Triggered by Mr. and Mrs. Akiko, time when we talked with Mr. Hakutei Ishii of painter about new education, and eldest daughter Aya graduated from elementary school,
It is founded a school with three people in 1921 by ground of Ochanomizu Surugadai.
nochino woman campaigner Natsu Kawasaki participates in, too. Bunka Gakuin aiming at art and human being education by literature is school in the country
It began by freedom not to depend on ordering as original school. Italy product designs school building in British cottage style,
Do education by first-class artist, scholar, man of intelligence and leave clothes to preference of each person.
In addition, in middle department, perform first Japanese coeducation; junior high student of 30 including eldest daughter Aya of Italy product for the first graduate
Store at the top that gave seismic reinforcement with part of school building at the time of foundation in 2008; payment for another of new school building. Design of new school building
It is Sakakura architecture study office acting as the chairperson of Takeyuki Sakakura assistant ga at ha Isaku Nishimura equal to grandchild.