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Musabi paperback X Sanseido Bookstore fair

On the date From Saturday, September 3, 2011 to Sunday, October 2 from 10:00 to 20:00
Holding place Sanseido Bookstore Jimbocho head office 4F
(1-1, Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku)
Inquiry Musashino art university press
Telephone: 0422-23-0810
Plan Musashino art university press
Cooperation Musashino Art University, the Sanseido Bookstore Jimbocho head office
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Event contents

Musavi who introduces book in people who learned in Musashino Art University (popular name Musavi) with "Musavi library" as opening
It is no special WEB site.

By this fair, we introduce yorisugurino book from the "Musavi library"!
In addition, we sell book of Musashino art university press, original goods of university.

We think that you can see one side of individual people who assumed Musavi school building through book.
It is for fair constitution that you can be interested in toward not only person interested in art but also the wide age group.

※Can badge present original at fair corner in book of the Musavi publication station toward the purchase!
  In addition, Musavi bookmark prepares, too and waits!

Sanseido Bookstore head office MAP