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12th Misakicho salon "assemble uneven trees"

On the date Sunday, September 25, 2011 from 14:00 to 15:30 (opening 13:30 ...)
Holding place Hotel Tokyo 2F function room "san" of garden
Admission With 3,500 yen drink (include tax, service charge)
Theme "We cross uneven tree"
Application It is telephone or faxes to hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden,
Or apply by email.
Inquiry Hotel Tokyo reservation center of garden
TEL  : 03-3293-0028 (from 10:00 to 18:00)
FAX   : 03-3295-3328
Email  :
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Main event contents

"We cross uneven tree"

Misakicho salon which is carried out after opening of 2009 as event that "the beautiful modern sum" learns Japanese culture that was superior in hotel of garden of concept from happily regularly.

You title saying "we cross uneven tree" and, at twelfth and this time to be, invite Mitsuo Ogawa of the carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples leader to lecturer, and please talk about tradition architecture in Japan ancient times and how to raise tradition and human resources of the skill.

Ogawa studied under late Tsunekazu Nishioka who was the leader of carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples who lasted three generations in Horyu-ji Temple and learned building in Japanese ancient times having been continued since the Asuka era. It is said that Five Storeyed Pagoda of Horyu-ji Temple which was a chance to lead him to way to carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples was built by world's oldest wooden construction architecture 1,300 years ago. There is *moku means kimono for wisdom and the skill of ancient artisan who built up building lasting more than 1,000 years using wood with habit with limited tool and unevenness.
We fully ask about the essence of such a manufacturing abreast of various things including personnel training through experiences when we rebuilt Horin-ji Temple and Yakushi-ji Temple.

[lecturer profile]  Mitsuo Ogawa (ogawamitsuo)

1947 (Showa 22), Tochigi birth.
We are impressed by Five Storeyed Pagoda of Horyu-ji Temple visited by school excursion of high school and become pupil boarding with his teacher of the Nishioka leader. By the rebuilding of Horin-ji Temple Mie tower, Yakushi-ji Temple Kon-do, doctor Teranishi tower, we engage as the vice-leader. ikaru which assumes tradition of Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine architecture technique root and trunk in 1977 has square, but establishes kosha. We try for developing instruction upbringing afterward and perform the rebuilding, restoration construction of temple of each places of the whole country.
2003, person of excellence skill "master craftsman of the present age," "the Medal with a Yellow Ribbon" gets a decoration in 2008. "We cross uneven tree" (soomoisha), and there are "leader" (Bungeishunju Ltd.), "old temple of Nara walking with carpenter specializing in building shrines and temples" (Bunshun new book) "heart ground of life tree of tree" in book.

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