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Japan delicacy fair

On the date From Tuesday, August 16, 2011 to 18th Thursday
Holding place Bellesalle Akihabara
(3-12-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Sumitomo Realty & Development Akihabara building B1, 1F)
Access From JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit a 4-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Exit 2 a 7-minute walk
From Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station Exit A3 a 5-minute walk
※As Bellesalle Akihabara does not have parking lot, please be careful.
Sponsorship "Japan delicacy city" executive committee
Inquiry Sumitomo Realty & Development bell Sarh company
Telephone: 03-3346-1396
Sponsor homepage

Event contents


Revival product city is held in Akihabara. The north Hokkaido, the south to Okinawa,
National "delicacy" flocks in Bellesalle Akihabara!

In product city where we collected northeastern food or liquor which suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake, Iwate, Miyagi, exhibition from Fukushima are the center from the Tohoku district. We support earthquake disaster revival by large-scale event that the companies exhibit from the whole country of from Hokkaido or Kyushu. We carry out lottery where special product is.

※A part of the sales becomes contribution.

List of exhibition (number of the exhibitors 51)   

Snow nko farm Hokkaido Hokkaido Sweet corn, tomato juice
shinya Hokkaido Scallop and others
Riverbank firm Iwate North seasonal diaphragm apple jelly, north seasonal diaphragm grape juice, north seasonal diaphragm, pear juice
Chiaki temple Iwate Walnut rice cake, sesame rice cake, miso rice cake, bean silver sugar, two taste Yubeshi
Shiwa fruit park Iwate Grape juice of Shiwa-cho aging for white wine, red wine, apple juice, six months of Shiwa-cho
Takahashi farm Iwate
Juice (grape), bread (rusk), vegetables
The way depths
kinkonzuke, blue what number miso native cucumber, Sanriku pickles, salad burdock, ricemalt what number
mama food
Hanamaki rice burger, *nikumanto, Sanriku salmon Tips, plum jam from Iwate, mom prune
British shore, soft Baum
Non profit organization
Hanamaki Bunkamura meeting
Iwate Canned adzuki bean, honey, raw wood airing shiitake, waitress cake, blueberry jam, light brown, mulberry udon, mulberry side, where shin father, one purple, miso Japanese radish, trunk (pickle set), Kenji soaked in heavy drinker, yokan of flower of rose
Depths farm of way
It is sugar, no sugar assortment not to do pop, Tono Baum, amakuro (amanatto), black soybean pop
Tono miso soy sauce
Soaked in cucumber unrefined sake pickles, Japanese radish unrefined sake pickles, mountain burdock unrefined sake pickles, soaked in Sanriku straight kombu, soaked in folktale debate, we sprinkle vegetables soaked in very hot red pepper dobekko, blue Western soy sauce, miso what number, ginger miso pickles, garlic miso, what number miso, Sanjo-zuke, sauce of roasted meat
Judicial agricultural union
Keeper of a shrine upper part of a river style production association
Juice (carrot, kokutto tomato are sweet blueberry, ), tomato jam, carrot jam, raw sake (straight lightly hot), smoked tofu, smoked egg
Kay Y Corporation Iwate
Home Morioka Reimen, Chinese cabbage kimchi
Mizusawa rice confectionery (we do not do)
Smart nasenya - sop, granulated sugar, sesame, Oshu rice cracker - prawns bean, fried burdock rice cracker to cut, Sanriku isada rice cracker - soy sauce, amakara
Corporation high good store
Apple cucumber, phosphorus eggplant, Basho salted vegetables, Esashi apple amazake
Maesawa beef Ogata
Maesawa beef curry, Maesawa beef stew, small ranch cow salami sausage, small ranch cow dried meat, small ranch cow seasoning roasted meat
SATO sale of mushroom
Straight shiitake, Inui shiitake, dehydration jellyfish
Synthesis shed Yamagata-mura
Stewed short corner cow beef sinew, meat sauce of short corner cow, Japanese style stew of short corner cow, red beko curry of short corner cow, soft boiled short corner cow, Kakuni of pork, short corner cow rice mix, scallop rice mix, dish simmered in mountain grape of chicken, dish simmered in curry of meatball, sea foods bouillabaisse of north ria, vegetable garden-like minestrone, risotto of crab egg, mushroom color color risotto, galbi gukbap of short corner cow, mountain grape fruit juice
Minami food
Soybean macaroon, yuba cream puff
Limited liability partnership agricultural Cassiopeia
Syogetsu temple burie
Cheese crepe forming a circle, cheese crepe (berry mixture), kurepuri four kinds, light garasu, Ishigami roll
Way dream
beppinsembei, Morioka in old days salmon specially made by purin, Esashi appurin, Tono wasabitako, Esashi apple juice, Morioka Reimen, Ishinomaki paste, shiitake incense sincerity, Sanriku from Iwate
Cafe ihatobu
Morioka jaja-men cup, Morioka jaja-men with three meals, baked confectionery kooninotegata, kooniame
Iwate brewing association
Takara rice
Special cultivation rice, miyakogane cold chisel rice cake others
Judicial agricultural union waterfowl
Shiitake which is straight shiitake, dry shiitake, cake
Chinese medicine Japanese beef arabiki kimakare, Chinese medicine Japanese beef beef stew, roast beef, hamburger steak, sausage
Milk studio building
Milk pudding (sesame, adzuki bean, true tea)
Takashimizu food
Rice cleaning
The laboratory of Ishikawa food
sutou farm output
Pesticide-free duck rice (polished rice), pesticide-free duck rice (brown rice)
Aizu product
They breathe and love of flower bean, kyarabuki, grandma of plateau in mix, spring of mountain udo frying, butterbur sprout miso, Grifola frondosa takikomi gohan, and stick tara candied, bamboo shoot boiled, domestic production bracken, hot mountain jellyfish, domestic production spring, shiitake miso, butterbur sprout soy sauce, mamefu are raw
abukuma food
Fukushima Young peach candied fish, young peach jelly, one cucumber pickles from Fukushima, fried shiso roll
Joint-stock company Yamato River brewing shop
jumbeidaigin*yamigieimon, daigin*shinkuchiyamigieimon, purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice Omachi rice, jumbeigin*yamigieimon, jumbeishinkuchiyamigieimon, the pure United States become muddy, and raise moonlight, hon*zoyamigieimon, this brewing; liquor, liquor of apple
The Kitakata ramen main office
A lot of Kitakata ramen
Minamiaizu-machi Tourism Association
Local sake, product product, vegetables
Mizuho foods
It is citron roll Japanese radish of village of Shinobu, ika carrot, white Kaga pickled plum, citron miso "peach sweet pickling in vinegar of peach slightly"
Yashima food
Sendai long eggplant (vegetables lightly pickled in salt), citron 1,000 pieces, long potato soy sauce, morokyu, Colin key salad
Ito gardening garden center
Soup bowl, kodenumekansetsuzuke of Aizu lacquering, Ume Takada triangular piece of wood fixed on a small cargo vessel pickles, small pickled ume, bracken pickles, cucumber, asparagus, potato, onion, pumpkin, eggplant, tomato
Association of sightseeing in Aizubange-machi product
Aizu brown rice ricemalt miso, Aizu country miso, taste miso bottle three kinds, Aizu 358 vegetables lightly pickled in salt, gombo cookie, Aizu Koshihikari all-you-can-stuff 1 kg, carefully selected farm cultivation U.S. Aizu Koshihikari
N tea B
Carefully made assorted roasted pork fillets, chaasyu burger
Mali Fick (light noodles)
Aging light noodles (pork bones ramen), soy sauce light noodles
Assorted cookies (we make taste field, Moegino others)
Shinshu product
Oyaki, apricot gurasse, Conchiglie, dried bean curd, nozawana spicy oil, apricot jam, nozawana carve, and they are made with nozawana chili pepper, nozawana wasabi, nozawana guest house
Citron ri child
Citron miso, citron jam, citron syrup
It is lotus noodle making in Yachiyo
Entering three bundles, knob noodles, bonito drawing with chin, spreading by hand side, three meals of soup sets
chuchu jelly, poles fruit juice
benifuuki tea Seto, tender Genkotsuame (tea, chestnut), side dish crepe, aburi child sardine, iriko foods boiled down in soy, irikokurumi, brand-new kombu, brown sugar soramame, non-fried food prawns Komachi, ROYAL salt ponzu, teething ring seaweed
Oki store
There be Jakoten that Ehime nojakokatsu sand does not envy this; honor, crepe foods boiled down in soy, crepe bun
Kawano pickpocket body shop
The Satsumaage stick sky, the sardine stick sky, the sweet potato sky, the lotus root sky, the cheese sky, the burdock sky, the branch bean sky, assortment pack


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