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Observation of Former Li Royal Family Tokyo Residence

On the date

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 from 13:00 to 16:00

Holding place Old plum royal family Tokyo residence (former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka)
(1-2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku)
Access From Nagatacho Station 9b exit a 1-minute walk
From Akasaka-Mitsuke Station an 8-minute walk
※Please use Prince street (Suwazaka) side doorway on the day.
Entrance fee No charge for admission
Application Prior application is unnecessary
Reference Person in charge of visit to Seibu Properties old plum royal family Tokyo residence
Telephone: 03-3234-3591 (reception hours) weekdays from 9:00 to 17:45 (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays fixed closing day) 
Sponsorship Seibu Properties

Event contents


Old plum royal family Tokyo residence (former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka) is designation of Tokyo designation tangible cultural property (building)
We receive (June 9 date notification) and are opened to the public.

The details of old plum royal family Tokyo residence are this

◆Origin of building
This building was built as (1910), Tokyo book residence of Korea dynasty, plum royal family who became one of the Japanese royalties in 1910
It is building. It is the last emperor, kotakosumomo* (it is yes) (1897-1970) His Imperial Highness and wife of pure sect to have lived here
It is family of a certain pear Masako Motomiya (only cause and Masako whom there is no) princess.
Imperial Household Ministry Imperial carpenter (devise) dormitory (possess) where design undertook house of the royalty single-handed. Section manager, Kozo Kitamura and engineer ・
It was designed by Shizuo Suzuki, Yokichi Gondo and others, and it was undertaken construction by Class spring water (existing SHIMIZU CORP.). The completion is Showa
It is (1930) for five years.
We were sold to SEIBU Railway after the war and practiced medicine with (1955), number of the guest rooms 35 as Akasaka Prince Hotel in 1955.
New building is born and after that we finish duty of the accommodations and be used mainly around wedding ceremony facility and bar restaurant
We came.
At the same time that characteristic as residence architecture of the early Imperial Family of the Showa era is expressed well and is superior for design; historic significance
But, we were appointed as tangible cultural property (building) of (2011) Tokyo in 2011 because it was said that it was high.

◆Summary of building
・Steel reinforced concrete construction (wooden roof truss)
・2 stories above the ground and 1 story underground
Roof becomes combination of spires to hip roof with incline that we attached dormer window of gabled roof to. The appearance
It is design based on ha U.K. Tudor style. Zhu that Tudor style crushed some semicircles
It features da arch, and the influence is seen in window of opening of front carriage porch and table stairs stained glass densely.
Classical pillar type and Ionic style of architecture capital are used for large parlor, and interior is different in kind; twist; overuse of pillar
Wickerwork ceiling of Japanese traditional technique is used, and various styles become mixed complicated design; the Meiji period
We have fresh design different from Western-style building of no classicism.
Whole constitution at the time of the completion has square-shaped plane plan around courtyard; the east side as entrance on south side the first floor very much parlor,
We located the private room such as the study, bedroom, living room on visitor rooms, the second floor such as dining rooms. Across the front entrance; and in the north side
Office work rooms formed a line, and wooden lady's maid room (we do not exist) was located in the west. In addition, basement kitchen and
We were used as facilities room.
After the Prince Hotel opening of business, use as guest room and banquet room, and add some repair, but is design in main room
But, it is saved well, and there is room where furniture and lightener at the time of the completion are left.

◆Instructions at the time of visit
・Concerning preservation maintenance, there is room which we cannot observe.  
・For building protection, we keep in mind window and door, showpiece are damaged or not to be damaged and hope that we do not touch.
・When we are crowded, we may have you refrain from photography in the room. In addition, we should prohibit photography of notice. 
・Because is under construction; in site of restroom is not ready.  
・Except a part, air conditioner air conditioning is not made.  
・Our facility supports barrier-free, and it does not come. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.  
・There is not parking lot. Please refrain from arrival by car.
・When visit hope centers, we may set a limit to entrance.


Old plum royal family Tokyo residence map      ※Please use Prince street (Suwazaka) side doorway on the day.