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Metropolitan area antenna shop, deep ocean water fair

On the date From Monday, July 25, 2011 to 31st Sunday
Holding place Kochi satelite shop "Kochi together with circle" Toyama satelite shop "lively Toyama hall" Sado-shi, Niigata satelite shop "Sado choice building in circles" Okinawa satelite shop "Ginza washita shop" Ishikawa satelite shop "Kaga, Noto, Kanazawa, Edo Head Office"

※We would like delivery of product within business hours of each satelite shop.
Access JR Yurakucho Station
Reference Whole Kochi: 03-3538-4365
Ginza washita shop: 03-3535-6991
Kaga, Noto, the Kanazawa Edo head office: 03-3500-3883
Marunouchi Sado choice building: 03-6269-9240
It is Toyama hall lively: 03-3213-1244

Event contents

Metropolitan area satelite shop 5 facility cooperates! We present product in deep-ocean water sale, stamp rally!

Satelite shop 5 store (Sado-shi, Niigata, Ishikawa, Toyama, Kochi, Okinawa) of metropolitan area with water intake place of deep-ocean water works together and performs stamp rally between sale, satelite shop of deep-ocean water product.
[participation satelite shop]
Kochi satelite shop "whole Kochi"         → Including place is this in detail.
Okinawa satelite shop "Ginza washita shop"      → Including place is this in detail.
Ishikawa satelite shop "Kaga, Noto, Kanazawa Edo Head Office" → Including place is this in detail.
Sado-shi, Niigata satelite shop "Marunouchi Sado choice building" → Including place is this in detail.
Toyama satelite shop "lively Toyama hall"               → Including place is this in detail.

Deep-ocean water water intake place stamp rally
We purchase product in the following satelite shop, and let's get stamp! If three stamps are prepared, deep-ocean water product is presented at each store by the first 30 people (on Saturday and Sunday 75 people) a day!

(holding place) "entirely Kochi" "lively Toyama hall" "Sado choice building in circles"

Deep-ocean water corner
During period, we establish deep-ocean water section in the following satelite shop. We sell special product of each water intake place pride.

(holding place) "entirely Kochi" "lively Toyama hall" "Sado choice building in circles" "Ginza washita shop" "Kaga, Noto, Kanazawa, the Edo head office"

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