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Commercial high school product exhibition @3331

On the date From Monday, August 1, 2011 to 7th Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00
Holding place 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F beach fleas, by ten
(6-11-14, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku)
Access From Tokyo Metro Suehirocho Station Exit 4 a 1-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Yushima Station Exit 6 a 3-minute walk
From the JR Okachimachi Station south exit a 7-minute walk
From JR Akihabara Station Denkigai Exit an 8-minute walk
Admission Free of charge
Reference Shoeisha
Telephone: 03-5362-3842
Sponsorship Commercial high school product exhibition 2011 executive committee

Event contents

Next-generation businessman, gather! Commercial high school product exhibition 2011

In August, 2011, plan, products which we developed are gathered in Tokyo by student of commercial high schools of the whole country!
You will be present at the spot where next-generation excellent articles for sale are produced this summer, too!

What is commercial high school product exhibition?
It is product exhibition which attracted only products which commercial high schools (high school ※ 1 having commercial subject) of the whole country produced with local company. Cooperation company commercialized product which planned special product of each district in viewpoint only by high school student to base.

Participating school (as of July 6, 2011. → The latest information is this

●Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa commercial high school / "song of Kanazawa nostalgia" cake
●Fukuoka Prefectural Wakamatsu commercial high school / "young quotient kappa rice cracker" food
●Aomori Prefectural Aomori commercial high school    / "neputa work kit" native district industrial art object
●Aichi Prefectural Okazaki commercial high school / "karinto of the world" food
●Hakata girls' high school           / "Hakata young girl" candy cake
●Hakodate, Hokkaido commercial high school     / "box building stylish * sable" food
●Ehime Prefectural Niihama commercial high school / "white potato character motchi" (sum sweets) cake
●Asahikawa, Hokkaido commercial high school     / "ramen, rice cracker" food
●Tategami, Hyogo door commercial high school / "a lot of misokagokorohoka" food
●Nagano, Nagano commercial high school     / "Western-style eight taste, it can die daughter" (gurin, ierou, reddo) seasoning
●Chiba Prefectural Togane commercial high school    / "eight crane lake jelly" "Kujukuri salt ice" cake
●Miyagi Prefectural University riverbank commercial high school / "we fill up ki rari" food
●Saga Prefectural Saga commercial high school    / "Saga study beauty building hand baking rice cracker" food
●Saga Prefectural Imari commercial school     / "Imari ceramic ware curry" food
●Saga Prefectural Karatsu commercial high school / "pine yuraru" (machuraru) cosmetics
●"It is / rice flour cookie "tetsunagi rice flour" cake Fukuoka Prefectural Umi commercial high school