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2011 Bus Festa in TOKYO

On the date

Sunday, September 11, 2011
From 11:00 to 17:00 (plan)

Holding place Hibiya Park nireno tree open space
Access From subway Kasumigaseki Station from exit a 2-minute walk
From subway Hibiya Station a 2-minute walk 
From JR Yurakucho an 8-minute walk
Admission Free of charge
Sponsorship Nonprofit foundation Nihon Bus Association


Event contents


Introduction of bus playing an active part in reconstruction aid, introduction of northeastern sightseeing spot by bus guide, quiz or game
Event to be able to enjoy in families

It is held in total, and, in the event "bus festival where we can throw bus on close," it is sunlight of bus the third on September 20.
In Hibiya Park where party of parent and child can enjoy holiday casually, it is held this year on Sunday, September 11.

Design contest prizewinner of bus "becoming fine", display and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize prize winner of winning work wrap
We display done real bus. Bus including report of bus transit to support revival of half a year than the Great East Japan Earthquake
We emphasize niyoru reconstruction aid.

In addition, display of bus rare and northeastern sightseeing spot introduction by bus guide, radio control bus operation corner, quiz
While planning game, craft corner, bus goods sale, stamp rally, and learning about bus in families
You can enjoy.

◆What is it on day of bus?
In commemoration of first Japanese bus being open in Kyoto-shi on September 20, 1903 (Meiji 36) and having been traveled 1987 (Showa
It was established in) on "day of bus" in 62. Various events are carried out every year in the whole country, but nonprofit foundation
In Nihon Bus Association, we publicize security, reliable bus, person and eco-friendly bus, bus which is comfortable with convenience and are familiar to visitor
To use as public transport; is target in sons who are future traveler in "bus Festa" than 2009
We develop ni. In "bus Festa 2009 in TOKYO," approximately 10,000 people, "bus Festa 2010 in YOKOHAMA" are approximately 20,000 people
But, we arrived.