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11th Misakicho salon "Flower shitsurai seminar Minazuki group"

On the date Sunday, June 19, 2011 from 14:00 to 15:30 (opening 13:30 ...)
Holding place Hotel Tokyo 2F function room "san" of garden
Admission With specially made Japanese sweet and Japanese green tea of 4,500 yen Japanese food "relationship" (yukuri) (include tax, sa)
Theme "Meeting of room etiquette seminar Minazuki of flower"
Application It is telephone or faxes to the hotel Misakicho, Tokyo salon secretariat of garden,
Or apply by email.
Inquiry The Misakicho salon secretariat
TEL  : 03-3295-4313 (reception desk / from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00)
FAX   : 03-3295-3330
Email  :
Sponsorship Hotel Tokyo of garden
Cooperation Toriumi Publishing
Sponsor homepage

Main event contents

Meeting of room etiquette seminar Minazuki of flower

At eleventh and this time to be, even TV or radio, please talk about way of enjoying flowers doing living that did the flower arrangements Hiroki Maeno playing an active part against a backdrop of meeting, Japanese culture wealthily now titled "meeting of room etiquette seminar Minazuki of flower".

Because parties that we invite visitor in the Heian era decorate the room using furniture and tool on day of fine ceremony, and they fixed with "room etiquette" (they do and are hard), we are used as words to decorate room even now. Not only you arrange merely flower, but also please learn the secret to do space and heart to surround it wealthily while taking in various examples.
In addition, on the day we display and sell valuable secondhand books such as the Edo era concerning flower to venue by cooperation of Toriumi Publishing of Jimbocho secondhand bookstore. In addition, please have specially made Japanese sweet and Japanese green tea of Japanese food "relationship" (yukuri) toward the participant for (June 16) on "day of Japanese sweet".

[lecturer profile]  Hiroki Maeno (Hiro comes)

The flower arrangements that only rumor that I was amazed to learn of people of work appearing suddenly when it was than substance of the author in the name and morning called "flower artisan Maeno" saying that flower arrangement house, Hiroki Maeno, also known as "flower artisan Maeno" created various works different at all by phantasmagoric superlative art and original constitution and could not yearn that the at all same human being made walked earlier.
Then you are compared to painter, Jakuchu Ito in the Edo era when in late years you win popularity by superlative art and original constitution, and call the world that Maeno makes across level of flower arrangement with "modern waka*" and is described as "monster man of flower" saying that it is like monster man 20 face as (aspect) of work changes at every announcement. In addition, because size of the work is totally like building, "architect of flower" call with "the creations, Maeno", and stage decoration in sohana, NHK "songs and ballads concert" of exceptional NHK news "news watch 9" becomes topic. Recently, with many words that want to nod unintentionally that character and he who are spirited give off and furawapafomansu that to talk, and tone makes large size work with several minutes and gives, of popularity.
From 2009, we deal with decoration in hall of Hotel Tokyo of garden.

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