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Great East Japan Earthquake restoration support campaign @ Akihabara


Saturday, April 23, 2011 from 10:00 to 17:00
※Except typhoon, heavy rain, it is carried out in rainy day.

Place Akihabara Station west open land to be used for improving the traffic system (JR Akihabara Station electronics quarter tax in proportion to the number of people)
Access It is immediate from JR Akihabara Station electronics quarter Exit
Reference Akihabara town management
Telephone /03-6383-3033
Sponsorship Akihabara town management
Exhibition Ibaraki, Tsukuba-shi, stricken area producer (producers of Fukushima, Chiba)
Cooperation Aozora market, Akiba 21

Event contents

Akiba that we cooperate together and are fine. Let's support safe product of stricken area!

Product product of stricken area encountering harmful rumors in station square of JR Akihabara as support activity to victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake
We work on no sale and the fund-raising.
By the Great East Japan Earthquake generated on March 11, 2011, damage still spreads in large-scale area around the Tohoku district and
We are. Furthermore, around Fukushima and Ibaraki, Chiba, harmful rumors for farm products are serious problems, too.
Therefore we originally hold spot sales party such as vegetables, fruit that quality does not have problem and support toward stricken area producer.

Aozora market which had exhibition cooperate on the day ※Actress Toshiyuki Nagashima who is no representative is A toward aid, the local producer
We send ru.
In addition, by this campaign, put a part of the product sales sales and the total amount of donation in Chiyoda-ku in a lump;, through Chiyoda-ku, is Japan red
We contribute to cross company.

※It is ... actor with Aozora market: Aozora market which Toshiyuki Nagashima wanted to see smile of "delicious ...!" of consumers and began. The number of the total of pulling in customers
  More than 80,000, vigor to attract attention as place where consumers can meet producer directly is market which there is.

<contents of campaign>
・Product sale by producer of stricken area
・We work on the fund-raising