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4th Marunouchi Licensing Examination


On the date

Sunday, July 10, 2011  From 10:00 to 11:00 (reception desk start 9:30 ...)

Holding place Circle building hall & conference square (2-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku) others
Association of Daimaru existence area management
Telephone /03-3287-5386 (weekdays from 9:30 to 17:30)
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Site special just before Marunouchi official approval X Chiyoda City Tourism Association examination is this place!

Event contents


◆The fourth Marunouchi official approval implementation guideline

1)Eligibility requirements for an examination:
One where can be interested in as for anyone.
There are no limits such as work location, educational background, age, sex, nationality.

2) The number of the problems, form, range:
100 choosing one types (around 50% make questions for problem about the history)
[contents] Overall knowledge concerning Marunouchi district (Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho)
[range] "Basics" "history" "building" "business, economy" "traffic" "environment, citizen-based town planning"
Seven areas of "culture, art"

3) The examination conduct date and time:
Sunday, July 10, 2011
[reception desk] 9:30 a.m. start
[examination] From 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

4) Official approval time
60 minutes

5) Place
Circle building hall & conference square (2-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku) others

6) Examination fee
3,000 yen (tax-included) ※Please bear transfer fee

7) Application and payment of examination fee
1. Application reception desk (we accept application by mail or FAX by method of ①,② either)
①We take out application of pdf file from association of NPO corporation Daimaru existence area management HP and fill in necessary matter,
We send by FAX (we accept even ※ mail)
②We fill in the following necessary matter and send by FAX (we accept even ※ mail)
FAX number: 03-3287-5840
■Full name (without forgetting furigana) / ■Address / ■Phone number / ■FAX number / ■Opportunity / which knew "Marunouchi official approval" □E-mail address / □Sex /
□Age / □Occupation (we choose among office worker, corporate management, public employee, self-employed people, housewife, volunteer activity, others)
※■Seal item entry required matter, □Information of seal is used only for grasp of the class of examinees of Marunouchi official approval.
2. I send the transfer method details of examination fee to FAX number that had you list or address as soon as I accept application
3. We have you transfer based on the transfer method and become application completion after receipt of money confirmation in us
4. I send admission ticket to an examination sequentially than application completion

8) Application reception desk period
Until from Monday, April 4, 2011 to Friday, June 10

9) Announcement of pass standard and pass result
The third grade…More than 70 points, it is the second grade…More than 80 points, it is the first grade…More than 90 points
Proof that we pass to one where notifies passer number to sponsor homepage from Friday, July 22, 2011, and was passed
It is sent
※It is not accepted inquiry, formal objection about marking result, results result at all.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

<attention in examination>
●Trouble other examinees, and take an exam in place of another person, and do not obey instructions of examiner; is shu and others in rule of examination room
When there are few other illegal acts, you assume disqualification on the spot, and please leave.
●In addition, case to decline examination after cancellation by pass even after passing authorization when illegal act is found out is mat
We are.