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Orchestra Asia Japan concert

On the date

The curtain rises at 19:00 on Friday, February 25, 2011 (the 18:30 opening)

Holding place Kioi hall
(6-5, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku)

From JR Yotsuya Station Kojimachi Exit a 6-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Kojimachi Station Exit 2 an 8-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Akasaka-Mitsuke Station D exit an 8-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Nagatacho Station Exit 7 an 8-minute walk

Ticket charges

S seat 5,000 yen, A seat 4,000 yen, B seat 2,000 yen (it includes all seat designation, tax half price lower than high school student)
※Entrance of preschool child declines companion.
※Release start: Thursday, December 1, 2010 

Sponsorship "Orchestra Asia" Japan Committee, Japan Culture Center for Youth and Children
Contact  "Orchestra Asia" Japan Committee (charge: Goto)
Telephone: 03-3295-6147 

Event contents


◆Orchestra "orchestra Asia" by Japan, China and South Korea tradition musical instrument group Japan member holds concert
  We do.

Another traditional music "folk song" which is different from so-called tradition traditional Japanese music genre this time is theme.
People nouta where folk song was brought up by climate of the land, the working of people who lived there. It begins in folk song reaching various parts of Japan,
Mongolian orutindo which is said to be the origin of "Oiwake", tone that sum musical instrument group including costarring with Korean folk song plays already
We sublimate to gate "Asia nouta". Guest first person Odo Baru, TV, soundtrack of Mongolian traditional song
Attention stock chi bulldog of young horse-headed demon koto player playing an active part widely is good; from Korea tradition song world is * in *shusei and Japanese folk song world
One of the singers doing hiki, Rie Sasaki.
It is concert that made a clear distinction from simple traditional Japanese music concert only in orchestra taking part of "orchestra Asia".

Part 1
"Four seasons" dansukonserutanto I <flower / epilogue of / autumn when / water rotates in spring to dance and / wind> Minoru Miki composition
Folk song Akita leading to enjoy by sum musical instrument ensemble in Japan, Yagi knob, **setsuuta others chubishohenkyoku

Part 2
"Mongolia, Korea, singing voice of Japan"
Song of song / orutindo Odo Baru horse-headed demon koto chi bulldog of Mongolian grassy plain is good 
Korean folk song / Kean arirang      ka*shusei
Folk song / Oiwake, Esashi, Japan          Take song Rie Sasaki soy; jonairimegumibishakuhachibeitaniwashu
Traditional Japanese music symphonic poem ... (the commission premiere) Yoko Sato composition to approach to "(tentative title) Oiwake story" - Oiwake, Esashi
※Program may be changed.

Conduct / Yasushi Inada
Soloist / Odo Baru (Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, singer) *shusei (Korea, singer) 
chi bulldog good (Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, horse-headed demon koto) Rie Sasaki (Japan, folk singer)
Orchestral music / orchestra Asia Japan composition / Yoko Sato

Orchestra Asia Japan The OrchestraAsia Japan
Ensemble by Japanese member of wind and string music orchestra "orchestra Asia" by traditional musical instrument group of Japan, China and South Korea three countries. "OK
We develop performance activity parallel to activity of stole Asia energetically at home and abroad, and the artistry gets evaluation that is higher than various fields.
Make use of characteristic that covered all used sum musical instruments in traditional Japanese music, gagaku; musical instrument for performance and the young people for the purpose of the spread of traditional Japanese music
We concentrate power on holding of experience-based workshop.

○Odo Baru (song / China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)
  We successively hold soloists such as Inner Mongolia race theatrical companies and win many prizes. Mongolian two major traditional song bogin doughs, oruti
  Hmm, we sing dough.
○*shusei (song / Korea)
  It is a lot of receiving a prize careers including Seoul country comfort contest folk song section gold medal. Person of important intangible cultural property 57th palace quarters folk song study.
○Rie Sasaki (folk song / Japan)
  The first folk song Chiba meeting wins the championship at 15 years old. Thereafter we play an active part in stage, media appearance, recording. As for the overseas performance
○Good chi bulldog (horse-headed demon koto / China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)
  Chinese national primary musician. "surashi cup" silver medal. NHK special "Buddha," it is breadth including movie "eyes of Asura Castle" theme music
  ku hand kicks.
○Yasushi Inada (conduct / Japan)
  We play an active part in operetta, modern traditional Japanese music, various genres including Ennosuke Ichikawa supermarket Kabuki as well as Western classical music.


Handbill poster

        Orchestra Asia Japan concert     Orchestra Asia Japan concert

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