Cloud on slope running through Chiyoda. There are already various sites including NHK official site and fan site about "cloud on slope", but traces footprint which three main characters, Yoshifuru Akiyama, Masayuki brothers, Shiki Masaoka and person related to three spent in Chiyoda-ku here. 100 years pass in the above, do three people who spent time of the Westernization not walk the history in air which existed anymore while feeling?
Town - Kasumigaseki, Yurakucho ... that Chapter 3 politics and the military played a key role Town - Jimbocho, Nishikicho, Ogawamachi ... that town and haiku group where Chapter 2 Masayuki, grayheaded cuckoo spent school days together spent time Town - Iidabashi, Kudan, Kojimachi ... which Chapter 1 town also many literary people which left footprint of man who became "father of cavalry soldier" lived in Three men ... who were going to catch cloud on beginning "Yoshifuru Akiyama, Saneyuki Akiyama, Shiki Masaoka" - Meiji Restoration slope Chiyoda City Tourism Association special contents

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