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Evening 2012 (Chiyoda City Tourism Association sponsorship) of Chiyoda ginkgo


From Monday, November 26, 2012 to Sunday, December 9
Light up / sunset - 20:00 of ginkgo
Evening tour /11 27 days a month Tuesday, Tuesday, December 4 15:30 ... of ginkgo

Place Yasukuni Shrine outer garden (3-1-1, Kudankita)
In front of Otorii - outer garden rest station
Access From the Iidabashi Station west exit a 10-minute walk
From Ichigaya Station a 10-minute walk
From Kudanshita Station 3a turn exit a 5-minute walk

Sponsorship: Chiyoda City Tourism Association 03-3556-0391

The support Yasukuni Shrine

Contents of event


◆Of Yasukuni Shrine outer garden (Otorii - Masujiro Omura image)
We light up ginkgo

Date and time from Monday, November 26, 2012 to Sunday, December 9
Lighting sunset - 20:00

Chiyoda who deepens in autumn. In Chiyoda City Tourism Association, we suggest way of enjoying new colored leaves.
Wonderful ginkgo of approximately 25m in height lights up wonderful ginkgo row of trees of Yasukuni Shrine named ream.

With famous spot of colored leaves of Kudan neighborhood spreading out in the outskirts, please enjoy this year.

※Yasukuni Shrine has toll parking lot, but please refrain from visit of car to be limited in space.

◆Decision at the same time held "evening tour of ginkgo of Chiyoda" 
We light up and appreciate and make a tour of Yasukuni Shrine precincts guidance by Shinto priest and local well-known stores (with dinner)

[as for the details this]

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