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Kanda neighborhood curry & farm village Class B gourmet

On the date

From Saturday, October 30, 2010 to Sunday, October 31 from 11:00 to 17:00

Holding place Brook open space
(3-6, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku)
Access From subway Jimbocho Station Exit A5 a 5-minute walk
From Tokyo Metro Shin-Ochanomizu Station Exit B5 a 5-minute walk
From Toei Subway Ogawamachi Station Exit B5 a 5-minute walk 
Reference The association of Chiyoda-ku commerce and industry society secretariat
Telephone: 03-3291-2580


Event contents


◆List of Kanda neighborhood curry restaurants
①European style curry Bondi Kandaogawamachi store
  <ancestor European style curry with the history in business for 35 years>
  Refined taste that handmade source of the training in France plays. Of secret
  shin which we matched fruit of several kinds with spice blend and drew
  Sweetness hidden in sano is curry of secret ingredient.
  Price /1 plate 600 yen
  Address / 3-9, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku third ridge rear building 2F
  From traffic / Jimbocho Station from 3-minute walk, Ochanomizu Station a 6-minute walk
  Telephone /03-3295-5709

②avocafe (Abo cafe)
  <green curry of flame which cafe specialized in avocado gives>
  Use vegetables of season for bass with Thai curry abundantly; chicken and one
  Curry which clickety-click stewed to cord. It is finished strictness to match avocado
  gari. Very healthy curry which becomes habit if we eat once.
  Price /1 plate 500 yen
  Address / 1-2-9, Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku well building 3F
  From traffic / Jimbocho Station from 3-minute walk, Ochanomizu Station a 10-minute walk
  Telephone /03-5281-6177

③Thai restaurant fur rhinoceros
  Thai curry which features meal beyasusaga than <hotness!>
  Meal beyasusaga selling that Thai green curry held hotness in check. Here
  Flavor of nuts milk lets you feel gentleness of Thailand. 300,000 every year
  In festival full of visitors of scale in Thailand, it is timer near notsu
  Thai Class B gourmet (250 yen ...) who let wamonono tongue howl is simultaneous
  Sale. It was in addicting place where one article did not come!
  Price /1 plate 500 yen
  Address / Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku 3-2 old room building 2F
  From traffic / Ogawamachi Station from 2-minute walk, Jimbocho Station a 7-minute walk
  Telephone /03-3295-8099

④meyau Jimbocho <unbearable taste!>
  Kakuni of spicy roux and mushy pig which we stewed slowly and carefully!
  Price /1 plate 500 yen
  Address / 2-2-6, Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku
  From traffic / Jimbocho Station for seven minutes from Suidobashi Station seven minutes
  Telephone /03-3233-0034

⑤Ton Pooh greens noodles
  <collaboration of curry full-bodied for saffron Rice>
  Curry which mushrooms matched with full saffron rice. pe
  suto is ratio of yellow curry 50 red curry 50.
  Price /1 plate 600 yen
  Address / 3-28-13, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku rafine Ochanomizu 1F, the back
  From traffic / Ogawamachi Station from 3-minute walk, Ochanomizu Station a 4-minute walk
  Telephone /03-3295-6565

⑥Issa one gathering (itchaichie)
  <serious curry which tea dealer makes>
  Curry which we mixed masala originally and continued stewing for full four days. Spicy
  Affinity with deo tea is outstanding, too. Try by all means!
  Price /1 plate 600 yen
  Address / Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku 3-24-1F
  From traffic / Ogawamachi Station from 5-minute walk, Ochanomizu Station a 6-minute walk
  Telephone /03-6313-6627

◆List of farm village Class B gourmet shops
①Dish simmered in bird <specialty of Koshu here gourmet> which stays good
    Price /1 plate 400 yen

②Bellows juice, bellows liquor
  Juice which we made with precious bellows said to be <"fantastic fruit"
  too liquor>
  Bellows of friend of citron and kabosu is hay fever measures, but for rumor.
  It is popular item of the access ranking first place in mail order site.
  Price / juice one cup 120 yen

  <Sanma-zushi to close bellows fruit juice with vinegar which we mixed, and to cook>
  When anything stuffs its mouth without attaching, saury is soft; really with moisture
  Fragrance and taste that we did. Technique to vinegar fish with bellows is really good!
  Price /1 plate 800 yen

④Chiffon cake of citron
  <moist softly from village of citron slightly>
  Chiffon cake using citron produced in Hozumi, Fujikawa-cho district.
  Appreciate fragrance of citron by all means with moisture and slightly softly!
  Price /1 plate 200 yen

⑤yuba stew
  <dish which yuba craftsman does not wind up>
  Minobu-cho that is area where vegetarian cooking is famous. One article that serves, and is slightly high-quality as for the dish of craftsmen making "minobuyuba" coming for a long time.
  Price /1 cup 400 yen

⑥Hoto stick
  Fried food of specialty of <Yamanashi "Hoto", taste to become habit if we eat once!>
  Fry "Hoto" which you made from wheat flour of pesticide nonuse crisply
  We saw. Affinity with liquor is outstanding, too!
  Price /1 plate 200 yen

⑦Natural liquor <the purely U.S. quality sake brewed from the finest rice of 100% of pesticide-free rice> of brook
  Pesticide-free rice of Mr. organic farming first person, Yoshinori Kaneko and Takahata, Yamagata that works on organic farming with the whole town
  We use pesticide-free rice of town. Carefree profit like pesticide-free rice of rice and brewing sake from the finest rice incense fragrant refreshingly
  o enjoyment that.
  Price /1 cup 300 yen

⑧"Ear" of the Southern Alps Hoto <local cuisine coming to farm village of the foot of Southern Alps>
  Original-shaped Hoto. Reason is various opinions. Of winnow (see) to use by farming that is, and is form, or is form of ear; ...
  Price /1 cup 300 yen

⑨Good luck Mizunashi where good luck Mizunashi jelly <Sera Heights notsurunto is delicious
  Have jelly!>
  It is plentiful by sunlight to overflow by cultivation without casing fruit that we adopted for the first time in the whole country
  Be isolated and it is fresh and young and uses iku ttasera pear.
  Price /1 unit 150 yen

Frost village croquette
  <organic village, unrivaled article korokke of Ogawamachi>
  Potato of pesticide-free no chemical fertilizer cultivation that we were particular about is used by soil.
  Price /1 unit 200 yen

⑪Young taro stew <Yamagata cow, raw wood Pholiota nameko, exquisiteness with full of fatty tuna taros
  na ensemble>
  Yamagata Imoni which shined to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries conduct "local cuisine 100 selections" whole country No. 1.
  Imoni of assent using ingredients made specially in Mamurogawa-machi comes up in that.
  Price /1 cup 300 yen

⑫Mountain wine "drop of huge tree"
  <heap of huge trees wine brought up in forest>
  Middle of October full ripeness that the first frost of the year gets off heap of magnificent nature grape got close to in Toriumi foot of a mountain, Mamurogawa from ancient times to raw materials
  We choose only grape which we did and are "mountain wine" which let you brew by the traditional manufacturing method.
  Price /1 cup 500 yen

⑬Sera ttoshita pear running water
  <Sera ttoshite is good glub-glub>
  Local Sera high school student and cooperation development, mineral water using sera pear.
  Calorie off that is nice for frank drinker. After sports by all means!
  Price /1 book 120 yen