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Kanda tour in rakugo

On the date

Saturday, November 13, 2010 from 13:30 to 16:30

Place Original dish Musashi Kanda, Bo west exit shop
(2-9-9, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku Kanda Building B1F)

Kanda Station west exit mall is more inner than the JR Kanda Station west exit in a 3-minute walk


30 people (first-come-first-served basis)

Entrance fee

3500 yen per person
(it includes rakugo, lunch, guide costs. We collect on the day)

Application method

Apply from the following homepage. html

The application deadline

Saturday, November 6

Sponsorship We chewed former Kanda (around Kanda Station district) promotion team

We chewed former Kanda (around Kanda Station district) promotion team
Email: kandamons@gmail .com (charge: Kobayashi)

Homepage html

Event contents


◆Kanda tour in rakugo

"It is Edoite"
"Chase! Birth of Kanda"
Excellent zerifu which comes out to to storytelling. We might have heard once.
The place name called "Kanda" coming out in rakugo well. It comes out to Edo, it for image called Edo-jo Castle home territory, "city".
Story full of human touch that there is a lot of rakugo that we did on the stage of such "Kanda", and all trueborn Edoite develops

It is a waste not to study the rakugo in Kanda! It is such a tour this time.

"Kanda" listens to story of the stage in "Kanda".
And towns walk place related to the story with guide after having listened! Can thyme feel having tripped?

One right or wrong that has not listened to rakugo. Surely do you come to like rakugo? ?
We discuss the rights and wrongs to rakugo enthusiasts. We can walk while feeling atmosphere of Edo.

And it is sure that we come to like "Kanda", thing!
(digression...But, we can recommend meal with confidence!)

There are no young and old, young girl, young man relations this time! It is welcome even if in Japanese dress!
Please participate with your friends.


We gather in - Musashi Bo at 13:30. Kanda, please listen to one seat of rakugo of the stage.
You are rather late, but please enjoy lunch of the heartfelt sum in - Musashi Bo at 14:00.
We show around ... town walk, stage of rakugo at 15:00. Please thoroughly enjoy taste of Edo downtown area Kanda.