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  In Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Science Museum, Nippon Budokan,
Kitanomaru-koen Park area where culture, art facility links the eaves
  We leave Edo-jo Castle castle tower, feature of former Edo-jo Castle including inner palace trace,
Imperial Palace East Garden area that can feel seasonal nature
  Koukiyogaien area that sets up very large open space with "Niju-bashi Bridge" which is called face of the Imperial Palace, and is full of many tourists

Three unique Imperial Palace areas.
We thoroughly guide each highlight and characteristic according to area.
  Science Museum in Kitanomaru-koen Park area. Many children come and are famous every day as place of learning.   
The outworks of a castle in Imperial Palace East Garden
Garden. The outworks of a castle of Edo-jo Castle
Healing spot where this place that there was can enjoy seasonal nature.
Imperial Palace Plaza where pine was planted in very large site. We always show turnout in tourists.

  At first to this. We tell the highlight of the Imperial Palace. Inclusion complete in Edo-jo Castle castle tower, inner palace trace, corridor trace of pine, 100 guard station ... gates, bridge, moat, tourist attraction of the Imperial Palace including image.   To long-established store, well-known store around restaurant and the Imperial Palace of little-known spot that is available for meal in the Imperial Palace. It is full of meal information around the Imperial Palace.   We feature around Imperial Palace souvenir shop not to know unexpectedly very much. We take the purchase here.
  Large culture facilities such as Art Gallery and Museum are full around the Imperial Palace. Between Imperial Palace walks, we will go to visit this place.

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  The Imperial Palace which has very large nature while being in central Tokyo. We prepared nature which we could look at seasonally including cherry tree and colored leaves.   List of around Imperial Palace hotels page. Access to the Imperial Palace is good, and all hotels are recommended to sightseeing in Imperial Palace. ,   We click this on calling by car. We introduce large parking lot around the Imperial Palace.   Imperial Palace rent-a-bicycle, running information of the much-talked-about Imperial Palace, sightseeing including Imperial Palace tour 2 stories sky bus in Imperial Palace, other recommended information. We must see it.  
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