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The sixth Ochanomizu JAZZ festival (executive committee sponsorship)


Sunday, October 7, 2012
Opening 16:30, start 17:00, curtain 20:00 (plan)

Place Meiji University academy hall (3F in Meiji University academy common)
1-1, Kandasurugadai

JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line "Ochanomizu Station" 3-minute walk
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line "Shin-Ochanomizu Station" 5-minute walk
Toei Mita Line, Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line "Jimbocho Station" 5-minute walk

Entrance rate It includes all seat designation, tax ※Preschooler is impossible of entrance
Advance ticket
S seat (1F) 6,000 yen, A seat (2F) 5,000 yen
Today's ticket
S seat (1F) 6,500 yen, A seat (2F) 5,500 yen
Sponsorship Ochanomizu JAZZ festival executive committee, Meiji University

◆About ticket
Capital Village 03-3478-9999 (weekdays from 11:00 to 19:00)

◆Ticketing place
・Ticket PIA (P cord: 171-566) 0570-02-9999
・Lawson ticket (L cord: 79164) 0570-084-003
・E plus
・CN ticket agency 0570-08-9999
・Meiji Univ. Mart Surugadai store 03-3296-1213
・pitaruvirejji 03-3478-9999

◆About performance
Ochanomizu JAZZ executive committee ※It becomes inquiry only for email
jazzsai@jazzsai .com


Event contents

Traditional town to stay, "Ochanomizu" are in one area
"Ochanomizu JAZZ festival" these event, it which love music in JAZZ

Town of Ochanomizu does SWING this year!

◆With Ochanomizu JAZZ festival…

Composer, musician Ryudo Uzaki (Meiji University special person who has rendered distinguished services, law department native place), songwriter, actress Yoko Aki (Meiji University special person who has rendered distinguished services, department of literature native place), Ochanomizu JAZZ festival executive committee (comfortable friend society: light music circle alumnus society, Meiji Univ. town planning dojo studio: student volunteers) play a key role, and wake up repayment of favor "to town of" old school and town of "Ochanomizu; is holding with the first in concept in" in 2007.
Triggered by Meiji University having received full-scale cooperation request of "creation of attractive community" as part of Chiyoda-ku town development from Mayor Chiyoda, it becomes the cosponsorship with Meiji University from the second, and member of the executive committee of student starts from the fourth of degree in the year before last. We reach the sixth.

◆Active Meiji Univ. student participates in administration as member of the executive committee! "Meiji Univ. town planning dojo studio"

It be revealed for charge such as "venue administration" "public information, ticket" "Chiyoda-ku events", and approximately 40 active play students who feel, "we do town in music well", and sympathize, and gathered of general producer, Ryudo Uzaki participate in our event and event administration around Ochanomizu, Jimbocho as member of the executive committee.


・Norio Maeda & windbreakers
We have sound most valuable now that Norio Maeda was formed as leader in 1980. Large combo of nine formation. Repertory of windbreakers does not stay in standard jazz, West Coast jazz, and all songs deal with arrangement widely when to pop music, classical music, and the sound gets favorable reception by performance that focused on ensemble, both sides of individual solo.

・Hiroko Kokubu special trio GUEST: Shiho (FriedPride)
Supermarket lady of jazz world which contributes essay to the printing type media including DJ of TV and radio, and gains nationwide popularity by various activities. After the Kunitachi Music College piano department graduation, we go to the United States for jazz study alone in NY. After album debut of 87, we announce more than 20 works in Japan and the United States. Original sound that adopted various factors from classical music to jazz, music and Latin of Brazil is loved by establishment, many fans.

・Tokyo blow group
Sum drum music group that producer Jinichi Hiranuma was formed as representative in the Tokyo blow group in 1995. We develop stage full of charm of drum ensemble in pursuit of possibility to have of "drum" by new sensitivity not to get snagged on form and style. We aim at musicality lined in high performance technology and stage pleasant powerfully.

・General producer Ryudo Uzaki
・General host Yoko Aki


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