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Symphony "writing art object 2014" of light and sound (writing art object production Committee sponsorship)

Date From Thursday, December 11, 2014 to 25th Thursday
※Only in Tokyo International Forum until Friday, January 9, 2015
Place Tokyo Building TOKIA galleria (Marunouchi 2-7-3)
Tokyo International Forum, Yurakucho Marui, Nippon Broadcasting System
Sponsorship Writing art object production Committee
Reference Writing art object production Committee
TEL: 03-6280-4320

Event contents

Symphony of light and sound

Held "writing art object" reaches the ninth anniversary every year around Marunouchi in this year in December. Artist playing an active part in various fields calls for "the future when global environment protection and children are peaceful" and "continuation of reconstruction aid" and displays work of light. We can purchase display work by charity auctions. We look forward to visit of many of you.

<Tokyo Building TOKIA galleria>
■Display of work
From Thursday, December 11 to 25th Thursday

■Lighting type
Thursday, December 11 from 17:00 to 17:30
We hold lighting type of work by artist including Tatsuya Ishii.
Light will sense beautiful moment to burn bodily with artist in art work.

About distribution of lighting-type entrance rearranging ticket
The distribution date and time: Thursday, December 11 15:00
Distribution place: Tokyo Building TOKIA galleria
Reassemblage time: 16:30
☆After the distribution, you are dissolved once, and please reaggregate
☆We guide to venue in turn

■"Box of light" workshop
It is 00 twice holding 12:00.14 with both days on Sunday (four times holding) for Saturday, December 13, 14 days
※Anyone can participate. Professional designer performs instruction. (designer volunteer of association of Japanese space design)

Under recruitment of participants! Workshop mends "box of light"!
Popular workshop is mysterious BOX where design changes variously when we shade light with "box of light" every year. We let mirror film reflect diffusely by light and are art work with dream that is beautiful so that "box of light" to reflect to tracing paper attracts adult let alone child.

Application method: You fill in application contents, and apply by email.
1) The representative name, 2) participation number of people, 3) production number, 4) cell-phone numbers, 5) e-mail, the date and time of 6) first participation hope, 7) second participation date and time desired.
※Decision of the participation date and time informs of confirmation by email.
Application: writing art object production Committee

■Christmas concert
Saturday, December 20 13:00.15 00 (twice performance):
Appearance: Kumi Hara (vocal guitar)

It is acoustic healing sound with originality in work of light to glitter! This
Please enjoy with lover and friend, family.

■Christmas event of Kumamon
Sunday, December 21 13:00.15 00 (twice performance):
No charge for admission appearance: Kumamon

Kumamon comes up to writing art object this year!
A time on Christmas that is happy with Kumamon in clothes on Christmas!

■Christmas concert
December 23 Tuesday (holiday) 13:00.15 00 (twice performance):
Appearance: Hidehito Arai (pianist), Taketo Motegi (sakufonisuto)

Concert held in work of flare beautifully colors Christmas splendidly.
Please arrive with family and friend, lover.

<Tokyo International Forum B1>
■Lighting Objet 2014, Student Award "future brightness"
From Thursday, December 11 to Friday, January 9 from 7:00 to 23:30 (only on the first day 17:00 ...)

We hold design "future brightness Award" of light by student (the first).
Please enjoy work which you loaded with youthful energy and thought of eggs of designer who hid possibility to the future in canvas in light wall of Tokyo International Forum.

<Yurakucho Marui Nippon Broadcasting System>
■Display of writing art object work

From Thursday, December 11 to 25th Thursday


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