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"We meet Ryoma." Visit ... Ryoma Sakamoto, Yataro Iwasaki, the ground related to the late Tokugawa period; and ...


Late Tokugawa period when NHK TV saga "Ryoma biography" built Mitsubishi financial combine throughout life of Ryoma Sakamoto 33 years in 2010's leading businessman,
It is drawn by eyes of Yataro Iwasaki.
Ryoma Sakamoto who is anxious about the unsettled world including peasant rising in the Edo era, and says, "we wash Japan once again, and monkey has the honor of being."
Now that we reached recession, restructuring, the times of change of government ... turbulence.
We pose, and what kind of words will Ryoma Sakamoto derive to modern us?
While referring to background with "Yataro Iwasaki" with "Ryoma Sakamoto" in the time,
Longed-for ground where dream of two people is piled up, "Edo." We are happy if useful for course following the footprint.

... beginning - Ryoma and Taro HisashiRyoma Sakamoto, Yataro Iwasaki image
Course that visits the ground related to the late Tokugawa period
The first curtain, dreams of "around Akihabara, Ochanomizu" - two occur at the same time. It is ... to the longed-for ground, Edo era
It is ... to the second curtain, "around Tokyo Station, Marunouchi" - encounter, the times of turbulence
... around the times when third curtain, "around Bancho, Kioicho" - Ryoma ran through
... in quest of footprint of extra - Ryoma, Taro Hisashi

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