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The 67th Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar (executive committee sponsorship)

Date On from Friday, November 23, 2012 to 25th Sunday,
From Friday, November 30 to Sunday, December 2
From 10:00 to 18:00 ※It varies according to each store
Place Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Higashikanda neighborhood
Access JR "Akihabara Station" Showa-dori exit
Tsukuba Express "Akihabara Station" Exit A1
Hibiya Line "Akihabara Station" Exit 4
Toei Shinjuku Line "Iwamotocho Station" Exit A4
Sponsorship Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar executive committee
Reference Iwamotocho, the Higashikanda family bazaar executive committee secretariat
TEL: 03-3865-5951

Event contents


We hold bazaar in wholesale district of clothing!

From men's wear to ladies' wear, children's clothes, a lot of lucky finds are widened in front of each store. There is "special offering" of price to be able to buy only here among them. At Iwamotocho, Higashikanda family bazaar, this time held only 2 times a year without passing over!

●Chiyoda-ku one coin dream prize postcard
A total of 10 million yen equivalency is successful! Shopping cash vouchers hit!

※We give one piece by purchase more than 1 store 500 yen during period.
※It becomes the end as soon as scratch card disappears every each store.

●Wajima, Ishikawa product exhibition holding! Local gourmet stand Festival!
Popular menu of each places of the whole country flocks!

●It is hosted by yurari sight-seeing Skytree << Kanda Riverside project≫
It is quite popular Cruise from Izumi Bridge to the Skytree!

November 24, 25th, December 1, 2nd (we are working under guide and, in the case of stormy weather, cancel)
(cooperation) Meeting which makes NPO corporation water capital Tokyo
※It is Saturday and Sunday limitation. Please be careful on Friday as there is not. We close as soon as it becomes capacity in each time.
[embarkation course] Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage → Kanda River descent → Yanagibashi → Asakusa Azumabashi (View Point! ) → Izumi Bridge disaster prevention anchorage
(embarkation time approximately 45 minutes)



Around Iwamotocho, Higashikanda MAP