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Kanda Myojin known as benefit such as my wife harmony, matchmaking, business prosperity. The Shinto gate opens a gate with first drum of 0:00 a.m. on New Year's Day, and New Year's ceremony is carried out. Musical accompaniment begins in Kagura, and fortune rice cake, sacred sake are served.

■We open a gate at 0:00
(full of more than 300000 New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine visitors)
■New Year's ceremony is held
(ceremony held at the beginning of year)
■Acceptance of Noboru worship (purification, prayer) starts
■Behavior liquor (casked liquor) and rice cake making are carried out (plan)
We have event in other New Year, too

■Recommended spot that we want to enjoy in conjunction with New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine of Kanda Myojin!

Tangible cultural property "imatsurigoto" (house of Kanda)
Next to Kanda Myojin, "imatsurigoto" (house of Kanda) in Miyamoto Park. Store combination house which the Endos who ran lumber dealer in Kanda Kamakura-cho built. We store building and remove and rebuild and are released now. Decoration can enjoy New Year holidays for New Year holidays. Match with New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, and by all means.

[as for the details this] 

Approach to a shrine entrance "Amano-ya"
Long-established store founded in Edo era 1846. "Myojin amazake" created from natural loamed chamber (muro) of 6m below ground of shop from founding those days is exquisite. Prayer leaf memo "pass Myojin" that "pass amazake" which caught prayer in Kanda Myojin passes sells. In other souvenir sale, cafe corner.
[as for the details this] 

"Mikawa-ya Ayabe store" founded in 1616
We come to Edo than Mikawa (present Aichi) as purveyor about kotokukawamakufu and are founded in 1616 (Genna 2). Mainly kojizo ri (two kinds of beikoji and ricemalt). It produces miso and amazake, natto using koji. We put in family to inherit the shogunate in the Edo era.

[as for the details this]

Shinto shrine known as nickname of "Sanno." Big shrine Edo's best as Edo era, genius locus God of General Tokugawa. "God monkey image" of couple monkey is enshrined in the precincts and is given matchmaking, child, and there is benefit such as easy delivery, yakujo, hoijo, business prosperity, road safety. Escalator is installed and is glad of being able to go up to main shrine to be built on the mountain easily.

■We open a gate at 0:00
■First water for the New Year festival or New Year's ceremony are carried out
■"Large votive tablet exhibition" is held
We have event in other New Year, too

Various places more than 200,000 are visited for New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine in Yasukuni Shrine every year. Would you like to step forward to the refreshing first step from prayer to Yasukuni Shrine to be age that new age is peaceful, and is rich?

■We open a gate at 0:00
■"Rosh Hashanah" is held from 8:00
We have event in other New Year, too

We are founded as harukahaiden of Ise Grand Shrine in Tokyo and we are said and are got close to "Ise of Tokyo". We are known as Shinto shrine with benefit for matchmaking, and worshiper in hope of good match comes.

■We open a gate at 0:00
■New Year's ceremony is held from 7:00
■Specialty of Ise "red fortune" and oshiruko and casked liquor are served in casked liquor, "Ise of Tokyo" Tokyo major shrine Nara on the first three days of a new year.
We have event in other New Year, too