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About soba of Kanda

 There having been Nihonbashi, Kyobashi in town of Edo with the time and the history of 1632 (Kanei 9), of "Hongo mokaneyasumadeha Edo"
It is considered to be 1670 (Kanbun 10) to have been said. In the Edo era "soba ..., soba ..." and "kendon buckwheat noodles" of Edo
It is about 1664 (Kanbun 4) that we appeared for the first time. We win popularity to nightwalker who pulled sleeve of visitor in Yanagihara, Gofukubashi, gojiin ka Hara,
It is written in "shu**ko" that we opened by the end of the Edo era. Beginning of Nihachi soba said to be model by the present again "clothes
According to the description of meal house, what "start seat kendotoiu signboard 28 immediately in Kanda area in Kyoho and a half." is the oldest; about 1730
You can tell that there were 28 noodle shops of selling over the counter in the ground of nikono Kanda. Of words of chinaminikendontoha Edoite
Even if came from "is blunt", and, by name that looked blunt, turned, and pointed to state that did not have another serving of of side; gen
We are broken.

 With respect to 28, there are ratio theory of powder, price theory of 2*8 = 16 sentences. In the noodle shop, it is about 1860 (Manen 1)
It spread so that we were written as niha "noodle shop meetings in person in charge of soba high price nokotoni re-Edo, it number of houses just 3,763". Current Tokyo
In the Edo era when area and population of no town were approximately a one-tenth, the modern above-mentioned noodle shop would crowd. This "ko
As medicine of "beriberi" said to be door worry Edoites are one meal a day with protein of 5.4 times of polished rice, soba containing vitamin B
We would eat. In addition, how to eat (eat without 2/3 of soba attaching juice, and chewing such as how to make (chopped called 24 limit seawifes)
The best as Edoite was inlaid ru) with, and soba became popular food more and more.

 To protect culture of soba from the Edo era in the history and place of this classic Kanda while the eating habits of people change for more than 350 years; 13
It started in "meeting of Edo Kanda soba" at noodle shop of the eaves in 2000. We increased to 17 houses now. It is the present age in shop of noodle shop
Make soba field on the roof of holding of "side art" to display art and building of Akihabara, and harvest with children; idea soba
Realize o, and hold "competition which collected 18 soup for buckwheat noodles in cathedral for soup"; and town development of Kanda area, community activity
We do ka. "It is happiness in-cho of soba, we take a walk to one hand on this map in Kanda soba and town of Kanda if you can enjoy"

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※Information is thing as of January, 2011. Please note that information may be changed.