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Marunouchi relation street gardening show 2014 (executive committee sponsorship)

Date From Friday, April 25, 2014 to May 6 (fire, shinkyu)
※We may change without anticipation in session
Place Each site in Marunouchi relation street
Access JR, Marunouchi Line "Tokyo Station"
JR, Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho Station"
Sponsorship Marunouchi relation street gardening show 2014 executive committee
Reference The Marunouchi relation street gardening show 2014 executive committee secretariat
(Nippon Broadcasting System project)
TEL: 03-3265-8300 (only on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)

Event contents

Garden ... filled with Wonder Garden ... wonderful surprise

"Marunouchi relation street gardening show 2014" is Urban gardening show of Japan eminence to suggest "flower in city and green Megumi" and "lifestyle that was conscious of environment" on the stage of main street "according to Marunouchi relation" of circles. In this year to reach the eleventh, 8 works display inspire done gardening work mainly on movie of Disney / Pixar including "monsters university" and "Toy Story" titled "garden ... filled with Wonder Garden ... wonderful surprise". Let alone gardening fan, it is at opportunity when the next person from town and office worker of circles can touch flower and green casually.

8 outdoor (6 works) / indoor (2 works) works in total

 Display place  Work theme
 1.Yurakucho Denki BLDG  Toy Story 3
 2.New international building  Monsters university
 3.Fuji Building  Finding Nemo
 4.Marunouchi brick square  Flying house of curl old man
 5.Marunouchi relation street building  Bugs life
 6.Circle building  Toy Story
 7.Shin Marunouchi Building the first floor  Disney Easter
 8.Marunouchi OAZO the first floor "○○ open space"  Plains

Marunouchi relation street gardening show (past state)

Around Marunouchi relation street MAP