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Yamanashi nouveau Festival 2015 (Yamanashi wine brewing association sponsorship)

Date November 3, 2015 Tuesday (holiday)
From 11:00 to 15:00 (last reception desk 14:00)
Rainy weather decisive action (in the case of stormy weather, we cancel typhoons)
Place Hibiya Park fountain open space (Hibiya Park 1-6)
Access Hibiya Line "Hibiya Station" 2-minute walk
Rate Paid sampling: Sampling first arrival 5,000 people paid only in 2,000 yen Tokyo venue
1,000 advance sales [E plus], 4,000 people on that day
(with wineglass, sampling ticket ten pieces, snacks)
Sponsorship Yamanashi wine brewing association
Reference The Yamanashi wine brewing association secretariat
TEL: 055-233-7306

Event contents

Sampling, spot sale + special product sale of young sake wine

・We try young sake wine with more than of prefecture winery 38 60 brand, and the purchase is possible!
・Bird organ meat, sausage, Yakitori
※In the case of the out of stock and greater-than-expected visitors of wine, it may limit entrance.

■With Yamanashi nouveau
"Crystal of thanks and joy which the earth of Yamanashi and thought of structure hand brought up," it is Yamanashi nouveau.

Wine production center, Yamanashi whom Japan is proud of to the world. Wine structure will begin at the early period of Meiji 130 years ago now, and Yamanashi to boast of the nation's largest wine amount of production that winery of more than 80 companies concentrates on to is wine production center representing Japan which continues bringing up culture, tradition to love climate, climate and wine which are most suitable for grape cultivation now.

Various grape kinds were cultivated in Yamanashi, and vinification was performed, but it was different at time when there was young sake because harvesttime was different, and young sake wine such as Delaware or Kyoho was released earlier each by kind, but they named young sake wine made in Koshu and muscat Baly A which were grape kind peculiar to Japan which Japan boasted of to the world "Yamanashi nouveau" and established removal of a ban day.

It is thought that there is much Beaujolais Nouveau that third Thursday is imaged in November of the Bourgogne district of France on removal of a ban day of young sake wine. It was said to be when it spread out worldwide as opportunity, but it was given by wine festival that "Beaujolais Nouveau" was originally pleased with good harvest after autumn harvest festival and celebrated that British began game who carried in for fun early at the mid-1960s on this removal of a ban day.

Yamanashi nouveau characterized by flavor of fruity fruit has support that is wide as wine to be able to enjoy with various dishes regardless of western dishes, Japanese dishes with fresh, but prays when we will enjoy with many of you as wine to be pleased with Japanese crop in this year titled "Yamanashi nouveau that only Beaujolais is not nouveau" in Yamanashi, and to thank, and to celebrate of the whole country.

History of grape cultivation of Yamanashi is 1,300 years. We are harvested in vineyard that has been inherited by the predecessors in the family line, and wine which we put great deal of effort and made is "Yamanashi nouveau". Please have nouveau of this year when you lavish great care and brought up in everybodies.

Yamanashi nouveau which the earth of Yamanashi and thought of structure hand brought up, the November 3 removal of a ban.




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