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Come and enshrine sa at the 15th dream night (sa come at dream night and hosts festival global promotion foundation)

Date 2016
Friday, November 4 from 16:00 to 21:00 (the eve)
Saturday, November 5 from 12:00 to 21:00
Sunday, November 6 from 10:00 to 21:00

Marunouchi venue (royal visit street [circle building, Shin Marunouchi Building interval]) 6th Sunday from 12:00 to 13:20
Akihabara UDX venue (the JR Akihabara station square) 6th Sunday from 14:00 to 15:20
Place 9 venues of the Odaiba (Tokyo seaside newly developed city center) whole area and Marunouchi, Akihabara area
Rate No charge for admission
Sponsorship sa come dream at night; festival global promotion foundation
Reference sa come dream at night; the festival global promotion foundation secretariat
TEL: 03-5796-2550

Event contents

It is ... to festival to join dream of ... world together

Even Tokyo that "sa come at dream night, and worships", and anticipated approximately 80 teams, participation and audience 700,000 of 6,000 Odoriko in concept by "to festival to tie world dream" to on (November 4 (gold, eve), Saturday, November 5, Sunday, November 6) counting the 15th in this year is festival that had greatest scale and quality. In addition, we hold Akihabara UDX venue as new satellite venue and are evolving for festival to become face of Tokyo.
In addition, gourmet world at the taste, product exhibition beginning of the ground which served as support of the Tohoku district is the concentration. It is full of plans that can thoroughly enjoy the five senses including total dance that we can jump in in blue-ribbon music stage, parade "JAPAN sum PARADE" of general open call for participants-shaped Japanese binding aiming at Halloween in the finale for Japan and visitor, the audiences at the eve.
Please enjoy this festival to spread through the world to the full.


■Summary of festival
(1) conduct of the eve
On Friday, November 4, group of dance having thick good point and various genres develops performance in Odaiba venue and starts festival noisily. In addition, we hold at the same time that food corner unfolding in 2 venues of following (5) enlivens the eve on that day.

(2) 80 teams of the whole country, dance [viewing for free] of good 6,000 people dark team
Led by recommendation team by sponsor, approximately 80 teams gather from the whole country. Various teams where also has high quality develop powerful dance intensely splendidly.

(3) with universal & inbound jumping in team, class on that day [participation for free]
On the day "sa come at dream night, and jumping in team of reception desk develops original form ream" in Odaiba venue, Fuji TV venue on both holding days. We carry out class just before dance in the venue and tourist including foreigner, person with a disability and visitor participate every year, too and win favorable reception because they can participate on the spot. Please confirm in dance schedule at conduct time.

(4) new establishment of conduct, Akihabara UDX venue of Marunouchi venue (royal visit street / circle building, Shin Marunouchi Building interval)
We develop new venue for the first time this time in sacred place, Akihabara of animation pop culture and are happy if it becomes driving force to produce new contents. In addition, dance with red brick Tokyo station building restored to the original state as back is superb view in venue. sa come at dream night, and please enjoy selected team dance from festival participation team.

(5) sa come dream at night; in competition for festival presents whole country taste & product exhibition - stricken area dream! ... (in front of Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, aqua city Odaiba), DREAM YOSACOY for universal language! Simultaneous holding of world gourmet market (around central open space)
We hold our festival formula food corner, product exhibition which northeastern taste selected carefully can thoroughly enjoy. In addition, in central open space, we develop food corner of world meal.
Furthermore, we establish music stage, and, in the eve, group of various genres develops performance and enlivens festival for main festival.
And, in Odaiba venue, we plan special plan with dance teams gathering in the finale. Finally we complete by total dance with the audience.

(6) participant open call for participants start of "JAPAN sum PARADE", conduct (the first conduct) on that day
In commemoration of the holding 15th anniversary, we carry out personal participation-shaped parade specialized in Tokyo, Japanese-style binding of Japan as plan to send to the world for the first time in the ending finale.

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