We introduce tourist attraction including historic spot "watching" 
We introduce restaurant information "eating" 
We introduce art museum or park which "learn, and are idle" 
We introduce souvenir shop and satelite shop "buying" 
We introduce "staying" hotel information 
Under "mutter sightseeing" to murmur sightseeing information on Twitter every day delivery
  Sound guide "voice navigator" around the Imperial Palace to listen to with cell-phone

Chiyoda Free Wi-Fi SPOT


Around Iidabashi, Kudanshita


Circle (Kudanshita Station) of the the forest north

Hotel Metropolitan Edmond dining buffet (Iidabashi Station)

Hotel Grand Palace restaurant & cafe "cattleya" (Kudanshita Station)

Flower bishi (Ichigaya Station)    

Kudanshita Kotobuki white (Kudanshita Station)  


Restaurant Grain (restaurant Grand) (Iidabashi Station)

Italian food Luce (Iidabashi Station)

Kudanshita Kotobuki administration (do) (Kudanshita Station)

bizen bower (Iidabashi Station)