The Imperial Palace which it is located in the center of Chiyoda-ku, and accounts for approximately 20% of the area of the ward. Charm of Tokyo will be reduced to half if there is not nature of the Imperial Palace. If there are green of the Imperial Palace and comparison and harmony with modern building or building reciteing the history, Tokyo shines.
 Therefore one lap of Imperial Palace to walk while looking at green is highlight of Tokyo walk. Start is freedom in there being subway station in the distance of approximately 5km to almost continue along inner moat everywhere. Groups of buildings rising on the roadside tree should walk slowly and carefully while looking at National Museum of Modern Art, British Embassy, national theater, excellent building such as the Supreme Court.
 It is also pleasant to get in oasis. It is Tomi garden to be opened to the public in the Imperial Palace. We are ruins such as Edo-jo Castle main enclosure, the outworks of a castle, and stone wall of the castle tower is left, too. Outworks of a castle garden and grove of miscellaneous trees, highlight full loading including remains of an ancient structure of Edo-jo Castle such as kindred spirit guard station. There is familiar matsukoredairoshitaato by Chushingura.
 Kitanomaru-koen Park is located the south northwest outer garden across Tomi garden, and the coming and going is possible as magnificent park. There are Nippon Budokan and Science Museum in Kitanomaru-koen Park, and, in the outer garden, large lawn open space dotted with Kuromatsu is slim. Do you know what you can visit if the Fukiage Imperial Palace not to be able to enter usually makes a reservation? We want to see once including Niju-bashi Bridge and Fushimi oar close.

   ①Wada storehouse fountain park
  In commemoration of marriage of present Emperor and His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince
Park where was made te creation, redevelopment. It is * to 8.5m in height
Molding using water including large fountain to come, and to put up
It is healed by thing.
②Nanko rest house
  It is in outer garden. Information including walking map
Other than collection, we purchased souvenir at stand
ridekiru. It is a bowl of soup and three side dishes menu for 11-14:00
We carry out 980 yen ...
  ③Palace cycling
  Sunday 10-15:00 (rain out), way in front of the Imperial Palace
Cyclin which is established with car as suspension of traffic
gukosu. It is bicycle on the guard police box side in front of the Imperial Palace
There is the source (free) for rent.

  ④Front gate stone bridge
  Two stone arched bridges which is accompanied by Fushimi oar in the rear, and appears in the Imperial Palace front gate. The 1887 completion. From state that bridge was reflected in the surface of the water "me
There is nickname of gane bridge, too.
⑤Plaza pond (spotbill duck pond)
  The spotbill duck family bringing up fledgling in aquarium of MITSUI & CO. with a few natural enemies, "moving" to live, and to come back to moat of house of the cause is topic every year  
It becomes in this.
⑥Imperial Palace East Garden
  Three places of entrances. It is subway Otemachi Station Exit C10 5-minute walk to Ote-mon Gate. It is a 5-minute walk from subway Takebashi Station 1a exit to Hirakawa gate, kitakitsukyomon.
From 9:00 to 16:30 (it varies according to seasons), month, gold rest. Free of charge.
⑦The Fukiage Imperial Palace
  Visit is possible by reservation application. For more details, it is
⑧Circle of the the forest north
  Cafe Delhi in Kitanomaru-koen Park. It is good to break with cafe menu and lunch. From 9:30 to 16:30 (in the restaurant 11-17

It is breath in cafe space of historical gorgeous Kaikan
◆Tokyo Kaikan cafe-terrace (cafe)
Including traditional French cuisine, it is Japanese food, Tokyo Kaikan with restaurant of Chinese food, but cafe-terrace of the lobby side on the first floor is recommended if we draw breath after the walk. Subway Hibiya Station Exit B5 1-minute walk. Cafe-terrace is without holiday for from 10:00 to 21:30 (as for Saturday and Sunday, the celebration ... 21:00). Marunouchi 3-2-1-1F. ☎03-3215-2126.

Time when it is elegant and luxurious in cafe for five star hotel
◆The Peninsula boutique & cafe (cafe)

We can bring chocolate and cake which are popular among presents, original of the Peninsula Tokyo including bakery in home. It is good to taste in cafe of juxtaposition elegantly. Subway Hibiya Station A6, Exit A7 is immediate. For boutique from 10:30 to 20:00, cafe from 7:30 to 19:30, it is without holiday. 1-8-1, Yuuraku-cho. ☎03-6270-2717.

Temptation of meal in front of Tokyo Station bystreet wicket under the ground on the first floor
◆Black wall bystreet (restaurant area
As for the night when lighting becomes dusky in chic space among black walls, it is more tasteful. Including "barBAR Tokyo" prepared craft beer oden specialty store "Luo kan" which there are 11 restaurants, and begin to finish, and taste of two kinds of miso can enjoy rice toko "igosai" drink though eat;, too. JR, subway Tokyo Station Yaesu north exit 1-minute walk. For 11-23:00, it is without holiday.

→Chiyoda waits and returns to book TOP
→Akihabara, Kanda, Otemachi area is this place
→Jimbocho, Ochanomizu area is this place
→Iidabashi, Kudanshita area is this place
→Kojimachi, Bancho, Nagatacho area is this place
→The Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Hibiya area is this place