Area that it was located on the east side of the Imperial Palace, and was sandwiched between inner moat and Yamanote Line. It is located in the center in Chiyoda-ku, and it is the Imperial Palace indicating presence, but, in this area, the Imperial Palace is felt close more in particular to contact with Koukiyogaien thrown open as Imperial Palace East Garden and park which are opened to the public. The Imperial Palace which green does not depend on flow at the time of growing thick, and always has quietness. Business district on behalf of Japan where urban development has been pushed forward immediately in the outside from the Taisho era of the moat. There are full of Tokyo Station Marunouchi station building, huge projects including redevelopment according to royal visit for the development even recently including circle building, the Shin Marunouchi Building without stopping even at one time. Former modernism name architecture including Meiji Mutual Life Insurance Co. building built in 9 of the Showa era is in good health if we think of kato. "Historical", "stillness" of the Imperial Palace and "motion of town," thing and "new thing" which continues always evolving are towns which harmonized well here.
It is pleasant to walk, but patrol bus "Marunouchi shuttle" which goes around around town is recommended. It is traveled free by the support of local company. We enjoy green of the Imperial Palace and beautiful cityscape from the car window, and we get off with point worried about, and what we swing is good. In addition, we can enjoy around Chiyoda-ku let alone cityscape around Yurakucho, Tokyo Station if we get on 2-story open bus "sky bus Tokyo" to go around around the Imperial Palace (we arrive and depart in front of circle building neighboring Mitsubishi Building).

   ①JR Tokyo Station
  Architect, Tatsuno who represents Meiji
  Be built by design of Kingo in 1914
  rareta. Red building in brick, dome
  Nostalgic atmosphere including ceiling of model
  But, we drift. Marunouchi 1-9-1.
  ②Marunouchi park building ・
   (Mitsubishi Museum Building No.1)
  Marunouchi park building is 21, Heisei
  We open in autumn in year. Art museum is simultaneous
  Hold completion exhibition in ki, 22 years 4
  Moon opening plan. Marunouchi 2-6-1.

  Park where landmark architectures such as moat, castle gate which left large lawn open space and feature of Edo-jo Castle to be dotted with of Kuromatsu harmonized with. Subway Niju-bashi Bridge
  Station square Exit 2 is immediate. 1-1, Koukiyogaien.
  ④Yurakucho Station underpass
  Popular bars form a line while being next to urbane Ginza, Hibiya.
  ⑤Marunouchi shuttle
  Free patrol bus which links Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho district, and runs every about 15-20 minutes. We assume foot of shopping and sightseeing, business
  te convenience. ☎03-5689-0912.

The second floor of the cheap, pleasant bar is the international mood
◆The basis (bar) on new day
Atmosphere that half basement was easy to really get close in public bar under guard, and there were many foreign visitors in the second floor, and dressed stylishly a little. Menu is the same both and it is cheap and is fun. Hoppe and original shochu are good, too. A 1-minute walk from JR, subway Yurakucho Station Hibi Taniguchi. 17-24:00, day rest. Yurakucho 2-4-4-2F. ☎03-3214-8021.

Store specializing in karinto so popular that there are always lines
◆nichihonkyonishikiho* (karinto)

Speaking of karinto, we greatly betray image of brown sugar taste and keep vegetables and kinpira gobo, taste of oddball such as leek miso, too. One bag of 330 yen. Line of person finding as souvenir does not die out. JR, subway Tokyo Station Grand studio. For 8-22:00 (on Sundays and holidays ... 21:00), it is without holiday. ☎0120-284-240.

High quality Chinese food to taste in classical Tokyo Kaikan
◆Tokyo Kaikan east garden (Chinese food
It is high-quality Chinese restaurant, but selection of two articles, salad soup rice, pickle, dessert are accompanied by lunch menu from six kinds of main and are handy with 2,625 yen (sa distinction). Subway Hibiya Station Exit B5 1-minute walk. For from 11:00 to 21:30 (as for Saturday and Sunday, the celebration ... 21:00), it is without holiday. Marunouchi 3-2-1 Tokyo Kaikan book B1. ☎03-3215-2124.

Draft beer and persimmon cooking of factory direct shipment are features
◆rebante (beer restaurant)

Long-established store which moved forward with development of Yurakucho at the station square from 1947. We appeared in many novels including "point and line" of Seicho Matsumoto. We move to International Forum in 2003. A 3-minute walk from JR, subway Yurakucho Station International Forum mouth. From 11:30 to 22:30 (as for soil, the celebration ... 20:30), the year-end and New Year rest. Marunouchi 3-5-1. ☎03-3201-2661.

Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board lunch of public price is cow, pig, chicken bowl!
◆Will (roasted meat) to say Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board

We bake meat and fish and vegetables with Sue board of one piece of one in front. Sue seasoning and broiling fowl on a board 600 yen ... to taste to glass one hand at counter is fun, and heart is excited. JR, subway Yurakucho Station Central Exit, Kyobashi mouth is immediate. 11-13:00, 17-23:00, Saturday and Sunday, celebration holiday. 2-10-1, Yuuraku-cho traffic hall B1. ☎03-3214-4703.

Road surface shop Kanto's first in store specializing in Japanese green tea circle of Kyoto
◆Waiting room for courtesans belonging to the brothel (Japanese green tea, cafe) of Ippodo tea store Kyomaru Azuma

You can buy tea while sampling and add cafe to enjoy from place to serve (1,050 yen ... with teacake). We hold "how to serve tea lesson" regularly and convey charm of Japanese green tea. JR, subway Yurakucho Station, subway Hibiya Station Exit D1 5-minute walk. For 10-19:00, it is without holiday. Marunouchi 3-1-1 international building 1F. ☎03-6212-0202.

Western pottery of popular chicken of 40 rest of life is delicious since its formation
◆Fortune Tsuru (
set meal)
As for Western pottery set meal 1,000 yen of baby bird in boat of aluminum foil, melty texture that onion 1 ball and ground meat, chili pepper of chicken weave is unbearable. JR, subway Yurakucho Station Exit D1, subway Hibiya Station Exit B4 is immediate. 11-14:00, 17-22:00 LO, Saturday and Sunday, celebration holiday. Marunouchi 3-1-1 international building B1. ☎03-3212-2915.

Many western dishes which pleased stylish person of Meiji
◆Hibiya Matsumoto tower (western dishes)

It is open with 1903, Hibiya Park opening of the park. We can taste stylish dishes loved in the first-floor grill from beef curry 760 yen others, those days. 10 yen curry charity sale on September 25 is famous every year. Subway Hibiya Station Exit 14 2-minute walk. LO is without holiday for from 10:00 to 20:30. Hibiya Park 1-2. ☎03-3503-1451.

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