Area that is located between the area, inner moat and outer moats of Edo-jo Castle northwest of the Imperial Palace. In Chidori-ga-fuchi that is a part of the inner moat, width of moat is wide, and the surface of the water and green bank and scene with stone wall are beautiful. Chidori-ga-fuchi is along and hydrangea or maple are planted other than cherry tree and renew Chidori-ga-fuchi city park to be known as famous spot of cherry tree as "way in the four seasons" to be able to enjoy throughout the year in March, 2009. Chidori-ga-fuchi boat ground which could enjoy cherry blossom viewing at the same time from the surface of the water was renovated. Yasukuni Shrine to contact with across Yasukuni Dori is famous spot of cherry tree.
By the way, there are unexpectedly many museum, museums in this area other than "Science Museum" and "National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building" with "hall of the Showa era" "*kokushinshayushukan". In the former 2 hall, experience-based facility, two of trace are facilities about war.
Mejiro Street where Iidabashi reaches under the Kudan is maintained as Iidabashi walk road (sun Polo). There are many historic spots so as not to be exaggeration, and five pieces of map versions of Iidabashi in each time when leveling pole 13 places of the history including "badge business birthplace" monument, Ieyasu entry into a fortress reach Showa are installed even if we say "birthplace street", and what we take a walk through slowly is fun. The wedding ceremony "birthplace" God in the public former in the Tokyo Grand Shrine at Ise in place where it missed some Mejiro Street. We are known as Shinto shrine with benefit for matchmaking from the origin, and worship of youth in hope of good match increases year by year.

   ①The Tokyo Grand Shrine at Ise
  We found as harukahaiden of Ise Grand Shrine in 1880. We pray for matchmaking
  There is much worship of people, too. JR, subway Iidabashi Station Exit A4 foot 3
  Share. Fujimi 2-4-1.
  ②Way of Chidori-ga-fuchi city park, the four seasons
  Promenade along Imperial Palace moat. In famous spot of cherry tree, it is boat platform moa
  ru. Subway Kudanshita Station Exit 2 3-minute walk. 2, Kudanminami - Sanbancho
  ③Science Museum
  Participation experience model Expo that we see, and technology can learn although the most moving passage is a pleasure
  Thing building. Subway Kudanshita Station Exit 2 7-minute walk. The year-end and New Year rest. The north
  It is circle park 2-1 of this. ☎03-5777-8600.
  ④National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building
  We display close contemporary art industrial arts. Building is old Imperial Guard Division headquarters Government building
  It is important cultural property in this. An 8-minute walk from subway Takebashi Station 1b exit. Month (celebration
  Case is) rest, the following day. Kitanomaru-koen Park 1-1. ☎03-5777-8600.
  It is shu with document of the war dead and military tie of World War II from the late Tokugawa period
  Storehouse, display. Subway Kudanshita Station Exit 1 8-minute walk. Without holiday (6.12
  ) which there is temporary closing in on the moon. 3-1-1, Kudankita. ☎03-3261-8326.  

I'm sorry, it is no Anago-don set meal sellout
◆There is much uo (cooking, fish dishes)
Value considerable as for the lunch which took in seasonal fish commencing with Anago-don set meal 950 yen that is almost sold out at noon abundantly. There is course dishes 3,500 yen ... at night, too. JR, subway Ichigaya Station Exit A3 1-minute walk. From 11:30 to 15:00, 17-22:00, soil night, Sundays and holidays rest. 4-6-6, Kudanminami. ☎03-3237-7563.

Kind is appendix slaver on bread having abundant hot from the oven, too
◆farinukimuraya (bread, confectionery)

Round bread using fresh cream is extreme popularity in substitution for Maple melon bread and milk that traditional cherry tree bean-jam bun and freshly-fried curry bread, Maple cream which fully entered begin to melt thickly. JR, subway Iidabashi Station Exit A5 3-minute walk. 6-18:00, Sundays and holidays rest. 2-9-5, Iidabashi. ☎03-3264-4180.

Gem which is available only in this shop
◆Sakaguchi (we have hail, persimmon)

Specialty store where 50-60 kinds of hail, persimmon rice cakes equal showcase beautifully. One share of photograph is hail 100g600 Japanese yen ... Persimmon rice cake is tasteful so as to chew. JR, subway Ichigaya Station Exit A4 2-minute walk. From 9:30 to 18:30 (as for the soil ... 17:00), Sundays and holidays rest. 4-1-5, Kudankita Ichigaya judicial officer Building 1F. ☎03-3265-8601.

Both dishes and atmosphere are lunches in discount in high quality shop of preeminence
◆Chinese Chinese restaurant (Chinese food)

Both tongue which invites first class cook of various parts of China, and provides authentic Chinese food and heart are high quality shops of satisfaction. Lunch set is 1,300 yen. JR, subway Ichigaya Station Exit A4 2-minute walk. LO (on Sundays and holidays ... 21:30 LO) is without holiday for LO, 17-22:00 for from 11:30 to 14:30. 4-1-7, Kudankita Kudan center Building B1. ☎03-3288-3088.

The powerful charm of western dishes thoroughly enjoys with night small dish dishes
◆resutoranikobu Fujimi store (western dishes)

You should enjoy exquisite taste and sense of balance of material for night original small dish dishes B course 3,670 yen. Handmade demiglace sauce which we put for two weeks and today's lunch 700 yen ... are reputation. JR, subway Iidabashi Station Exit A5 3-minute walk. From 11:00 to 14:45 LO, from 17:00 to 20:30 LO, Sundays and holidays rest. 4-4-16, Iidabashi. ☎03-3237-0847.

It is handy and can taste sushi of the discerning material
◆Times sushi (sushi)

Shop which we walked with postwar revival. Make with the discerning material; grasp; 940 yen ... Times winding 2,310 yen of original rolling thickly and winter season-limited seaweed hot pot is reputation, too. Lunch includes bowls of seasonal fish, too and is popular. JR, subway Iidabashi Station Exit A5 5-minute walk. 11-14:00, 17-23:00, Sundays and holidays rest. 1-7-5, Iidabashi. ☎03-3261-6550.

Soba that self is high in fragrance to grind to powder in stone mill is delicious
◆Okawa (side)

Saw as much as use hitachi aki soba which performed vacuum, cryopreservation right after crop on the day, closing a bargain. Bamboo steamer 600 yen. Single dish and liquor are fulfilling at night, too. JR, subway Ichigaya Station Exit A3 5-minute walk. 11-15:00, from 17:30 to 22:00 (as for the soil from 11:30 to 21:00), Sundays and holidays rest. 3-4-2, Kudanminami apartment house Kudan slope 1F. ☎03-3234-8887.

Eel shop well-established having been continued since the Edo era
◆Flatter; zu ya (eel)

Long-established store which follows more than 150 years from the Kaei era year. It is taste that unaju (pine) 2,625 yen that the secret hanging that has been inherited depended on is refined, and flavor is rich in from generation to generation. As for the oyakodon by all means. JR, subway Ichigaya Station Exit A3 3-minute walk. 11-14:00, from 17:00 to 20:30 (as for the soil ... 19:30), Sundays and holidays, 4 second soil rests. 4-5-13, Kudanminami. ☎03-3261-4178.

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