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We introduce restaurant information "eating" 
We introduce art museum or park which "learn, and are idle" 
We introduce souvenir shop and satelite shop "buying" 
We introduce "staying" hotel information 
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shopping to buy

Recommended! Satelite shop Aomori north Aya building


Satelite shop sight-seeing series Aomori edition
Satelite shop circulation of local government which we completely serialized.
This time is the fourth, the northernmost prefecture of Honshu, satelite shop of Aomori.
By arrangement of Murashita of Aomori Tokyo office, we visited you on the morning of Saturday.

June 20 11:00 a.m. Waseda, Fujimi-machi street

I who started from JR Kanda Station as always got off at the Iidabashi Station west exit.

Waseda Street via the very front to left hand direction. The opposite direction becomes the Kagurazaka area.

In Waseda Street, it is a 2-minute walk to Yasukuni Shrine direction.
Aomori Hall was seen on the left.
It is "north Aya hall" which this the first floor visits today.

Feeling that does not come when we say on map.
We visited Manager Hasegawa introduced to from Murashita,
Unfortunately, it is with interview average of the new staff.
Do you not listen to story to somebody? We were thinking of this,


We found. Good man of way of man.
It is Soma who recommended sampling of craft beer and local sake at the door of north Aya building.
In Soma, the hometown, "soma shop mijiu shop" is run in large crocodiles of Tsugaru.
Opposite side of shop is the birthplace of Wakanohana for the second generation of the Grand Sumo Tournament,
Originally person of Soma was "Sakaya" "Yoneya" the parents' house of Wakanohana,
When Wakanohana discontinues rice dealer,
Soma undertook meter and seemed to become "the U.S. liquor shop".
・・* Between conversations called this, is prepared for sampling of craft beer promptly.

The name of beer "Tsugaru way beer."
We made using town interest shinotameni, famous clear water of local "ajara mountain range".
Wheat and hop seem to be using product of the highest grade in Germany now,
That it is plan changing to hometown, Tsugaru product sometime soon.
It was delicious beer of clear taste.

But Tsugaru is sake.
Rare local sake was prepared with the next wagon.
Soma who explains local sake to older sister like regular customer somehow or other.

It is this we are how old or sampled, but to have liked me most.
"Cup full of the purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice."
It is liquor which is sweet (horse dies) using "rich cup rice" which we can harvest only in Tsugaru.
Generally, in the southern part, system, the Tsugaru district seem to be sweet systems without any regret,
As for my preference of these days, pro-cajoling words for some reason.
Anything which reaches in "Hanaizumi" that we introduced before.

Purchase one first of all, and change; and in shop.
The depths of shop became "the Aomori Tokyo Tours information desk".

Speaking of corner and Aomori that featured the theme of birth 100 years of Osamu Dazai of course,

As for the guidance of neputa festival.


Interest is attracted in guidebook,
Pleasure of satelite shop, of course, "food."
Seafood, riches of the soil were full, but introduce cho and eccentric to here north Aya building.

At first "stamina source sauce" which broke through by TV program of last year.
As I just watched the program, we were interested very much.

Then "hamburger steak of this duck."
Apple, scallop, garlic occur to delicious thing of Aomori immediately,
This "this duck is special product, too". It is not "duck".
In buying home because we are eaten deliciously just to put through boiling water.
Attached stamina source sauce to this hamburger steak the next day, and ate, but batch stone,
We did in this.

After finishing accounts, and being going to return,
Present of beautiful where and others apple juice to filter of shop.
After tasting on the spot, it is said that this is no good again and is delicious!

It was a time when we felt like having mentioned northeastern human empathy.

North Aya building Tokyo store
2-3-11, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku-cho
Tel: 03-3237-8371

by kotogotominaokukon*