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Recommended! Satelite shop breath breath Toyama hall


Town blog extra of kotogotominaokukon*
Recommended! The satelite shop report second!
It is Toyama hall lively

・・... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"Quito Quito" is Toyama dialect; "is awfully fine,
It seems to be meaning to be admirable nevertheless.

We fit introduction from the Tourism Association secretariat today,
We followed satelite shop of Toyama in traffic hall "lively to Toyama hall".

June 8 16:30 p.m. Yurakucho traffic Hall

At first go down JR Yurakucho Station as always; and to Tokyo traffic hall.
We withdraw from front entrance to basement using central stairs.

It is fallen out toward ITOCIA which we were able to modernize when we turn left,
We go to starboard here.

Then "lively Toyama hall" which we saw the left hand ahead.
We seemed to open here in June, 2002,
It seemed to be only this booth in those days,
When we renewed in December, 2006, we will distribute product building and information building,
This booth is becoming product building now.
Passing through product building, visit the person in charge introduced to from the secretariat first of all; and to information building.

We discover signboard of information building when we turn right at the former corner of product building.

Of Manager Daisaku Kimura whom national special first-run showing begins in in this booth on June 20
Documents about movie "note of Tsurugidake point" were displayed in a row.

In office of the opposite side of today's guide, "product, local sake adviser"
Otani came.
After self-introduction, it is proved to talk about relationship of me and Toyama that there is common acquaintance.
The one in Masato Nakamura, teacher of Tokyo art university,
While setting up atelier in Kandanishikicho, activation of the municipalities of the whole country,
It is active worthy who says to found through art.

I joined by Kanda and event of Akiba,
That Otani had relationship by event of Himi-shi, Toyama.
Because there was common acquaintance, topic was engaged and became peaceful atmosphere at a stretch.

In thing called this, return heel; and to booth of product building.
We served sampling of rice cracker of specialty of Toyama Bay "shiroebi" at store.
Did not hold today, but the back of staff with panel,
It is demonstration corner of local product.

This seems to be idea of Otani,
Invite to Tokyo toward the producer of various products,
How is the product made?
It is plan to say to have you know.

The present times, "relief, security" are natural.
We go one step and seem to want to do in place to be able to build trust more.
In addition, in knowing reaction of customer with skin very much toward the producer,
We seem to hope that we connect with the next product development.

It is finally expertise of Otani, story of "local sake" when we enter shop.
Product of 19 storehouses is available among liquor brewing of Toyama here.
Saying "there is "liquor of the sea" in Toyama" "liquor of mountain"; Otani.

In same Toyama, taste of liquor is different in local district.
Liquor which there was to the dish in district where mountain products were produced.
Liquor which there was to seafood for granted in shore.
Seem to become the fifth in this year, but on every year November 3
We seem to hold "liquor and kamaboko fair of Toyama" and, as for each warehouseman, seem to be gone to Tokyo.

Appetizing liquor forms a line on refrigerator and shelf in a row.
A lot of famous brands that are rare as well as where of "Tateyama" or "the ice."
We were not able to be taught the name, but are not available in this in Toyama either
That fantastic famous sake forms a line, too.
Cannot you but try in turn from edge to find preference?

And even fair performs recommendation; "kamaboko."
We have heard story of "kamaboko culture" of Toyama,
That sea tangle roll kamaboko is in particular popular. Because it becomes knob just to cut with kitchen knife, it is convenient.


"Fish guts pickled in salt Kurozukuri of cuttlefish" which, besides, Rie Shibata of actress introduced with TV of kamaboko,
"Dried small sardines of anchovy" from Himi which tried, and appeared in gatten
Popular items form a line, but in that with "kakiage of shiroebi,"

We decided to make "farmer natto" of Otani University recommendation souvenir.

If when we go to cash register in hand with article, we are going to put older sisters of the staff in camera,
In the same way as Akita, everybody hides himself/herself quickly.

We have taken one piece with a click when we played with other customers,
As for the beautiful woman on the Sea of Japan side, everybody is shy.
Otani who was full of person motivation in that.
Such Toyama beautiful woman will be called "Quito Quito".
It was coverage that could realize meaning of dialect.

"Lively Toyama hall"
Tokyo traffic hall B1F TEL: 03-3231-5032

by kotogotominaokukon*