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Recommended! Satelite shop flower maru Akita oldness and hall


Town blog extra of kotogotominaokukon*
Recommended! The satelite shop report first!
Flower maru Akita oldness and hall

・・... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Do you know canned food culture of Akita?

One month of surging wave of Kanda Festival passes,
It is kon* which is finally regaining everyday pace.
Therefore we went to traffic hall of Yurakucho slightly aimlessly.

For our sense, it was feeling called "application place of traffic hall = passport",
It is interesting shopping spot that local antenna shop accumulates now.
We have town development event of Kanda cooperate this time in that
Advertising tower koto which Akita walks in "flower maru Akita oldness and hall"
We visited Issei Sasaki.

When we get off JR Yamanote Line at neighboring Tokyo Station station, Kyobashi, Yuuraku-cho Exit,

Building of "Tokyo traffic hall" appears in front.

In this building of Hokkaido, Shiga, Nagano, Toyama, Shizuoka, Wakayama, Hakata
Antenna shop enters.

As shop which we can trust from problems such as production center camouflage or raw materials falsification of these days in peace
Antenna shop of each place seems to be very popular.

We visited "flower maru Akita oldness and hall" of Akita this time in that.
Edge is very deep why Akita and Kanda and Chiyoda-ku are.
Satake Inari that is near the Kanda Station west exit seems to be thing which Inari whom residence of a lord of Satake feudal clan had in the Edo era just remains, and Gojome-machi is sister city of Chiyoda-ku,
We always have souvenir at autumn athletic meet. Thank you for the delicious meal.
Therefore we infiltrated promptly in shop.

I have hosted study session of "slow food" personally, too,
Kuramoto of sake brewery of Akita came and have compared by drinking sake a lot. All the discerning liquor was delicious.
Here "flower maru Akita hometown hall" has famous sake of Akita with a whack.

When become liquor of Akita, knob "Iburigakko?"

No, it is not only it.
Completely seafood such as sandfishs having child,

Water shield, tomburinadono riches of the soil are substantial, too.

But person of outside the prefecture has unique food culture that we cannot readily know in Akita.
It is canned food.
Ingredients which were produced a lot at seasonal time including bamboo shoot and wild plants everybody personally
We can.
As for one house, there was canned food processing person in town and village of Akita by all means and was produced a lot
He/she seems to process riches of the soil into canned food from very few.
Wisdom of preservation food not to waste ingredients sublimated for food culture called canned food!
That means, is it exaggerated?
But when not only we consume personally at home so that Issei Sasaki of navigator points, but also make present, and quick mind sells person turning around as product.
Only to ingredients which we harvested when it is in season, even as for the canned food, taste is perfect.

Walk around shop, and have "sandfish pickled with miso" in the hand as souvenir; and to cash register.
As "we list on blog, one piece of photograph, please"
2-3 women whom there was near hide in the back of noren quickly if we ask for this and,
We hide ourselves under the counter and.
One was able to be already finally satisfied in photograph with manager.
It was said, "Akita beautiful woman is graceful", but even iyaa ..., today's tendency of the times became clear.

by kotogotominaokukon*

As for flower maru Akita oldness and the information of hall, please see this.