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Street Name History

Setting point of board derived from Chiyoda-ku name of a street

Chiyoda-ku homepage

With the change of the times
The name of town is all in all for historic cultural assets.
The name of many towns is in Chiyoda-ku, one one since Edo opening the Edo shogunate,
We have tradition and culture cultivated by the history to continue with all.
However, on the other hand, with the change of the times again land readjustment project
As a result of having passed through conduct of house indication system, historic important name of a street disappeared.
It is purpose that house indication makes town easy to find by application of system,
As a result, there was area where name of a street old was lost.
Before, as well as house indication, continue up to the present day from the Edo era, by various reasons
Many names of a street have been lost, but some says that we regret it.

To save for the future, and to succeed
While we catch opportunity called Edo opening the Edo shogunate 400 years, and ward and area plan cooperation,
Culture concerning historic important name of a street and it for the future
We install sign derived from name of a street in each site in the ward to save, and to succeed.
Monument of community which lives in area and there, and joins living, working people together
To person who aims, and plans utilization as tourist attractions, and visits Chiyoda-ku
It wants to be said that we contribute to plain town development.

*We extract from Chiyoda-ku HP