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We introduce restaurant information "eating" 
We introduce art museum or park which "learn, and are idle" 
We introduce souvenir shop and satelite shop "buying" 
We introduce "staying" hotel information 
Under "mutter sightseeing" to murmur sightseeing information on Twitter every day delivery
  Sound guide "voice navigator" around the Imperial Palace to listen to with cell-phone

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Bridge which is built over the Kanda River

Court Security Office bridge

Court Security Office bridge (Iwamotocho Station)

Beautiful Kurahashi

Beautiful Kurahashi (Iwamotocho Station)

Izumi Bridge

Izumi Bridge (Iwamotocho Station)

Kanda contact bridge

Kanda contact bridge (Iwamotocho Station)

Shohei Bridge

Shohei Bridge (Ochanomizu Station)


Hijiribashi (Ochanomizu Station)

Ochanomizu bridge

Ochanomizu bridge (Ochanomizu Station)


Suidobashi (Suidobashi Station)

Kouraku Bridge

Kouraku Bridge (Suidobashi Station)

Koishikawa Bridge

Koishikawa Bridge (Suidobashi Station)


Iidabashi (Iidabashi Station)

Ship riverbank Bridge

Ship riverbank Bridge (Iidabashi Station)


Bridge which is built over the Nihonbashi River

Tokiwa Bridge

Joban bridge (Mitsukoshimae Station) ※Restoration is under construction

Tokiwa Bridge

Tokiwa Bridge (Mitsukoshimae Station)

New Tokiwa Bridge

New Tokiwa Bridge (Mitsukoshimae Station)

Kamakura Bridge

Kamakura Bridge (Otemachi Station)

Kanda Bridge

Kanda Bridge (Otemachi Station)

Brocade bridge

Brocade bridge (Takebashi Station)


Hitotsubashi (Takebashi Station)

Pheasant bridge

Pheasant bridge (Takebashi Station)

Takarada Bridge

Takarada Bridge (Kudanshita Station)

Cutting board bridge

Cutting board bridge (Kudanshita Station)


nanhoriryukyo (Kudanshita Station)


horiryukyo (Kudanshita Station)


Shinkawabashi (Kudanshita Station)

New Misaki Bridge

New Misaki Bridge (Suidobashi Station)

Misaki Bridge

Misaki Bridge (Suidobashi Station)

Meet; bridge

Meet; bridge (Suidobashi Station)


Bridge which is built over outer moat

Ushigome Bridge

Ushigome Bridge (Iidabashi Station)

Iidabashi (Iidabashi Station)

New Mitsuke Bridge

New Mitsuke Bridge (Ichigaya Station)

Ichigaya bridge

Ichigaya bridge (Ichigaya Station)

New Yotsuya Mitsuke Bridge

New Yotsuya Mitsuke Bridge (Yotsuya Station)

Yotsuya Mitsuke Bridge

Yotsuya Mitsuke Bridge (Yotsuya Station)

Formidable man Bridge

Formidable man Bridge (Nagatacho Station)


Bridge which is built over inner moat

Ote-mon Gate bridge

Ote-mon Gate bridge (Otemachi Station)

Hirakawa Bridge

Hirakawa Bridge (Takebashi Station)


Takebashi (Takebashi Station)

Shimizu gate bridge

Shimizu gate bridge (Kudanshita Station)

Field cheap gate bridge

Field cheap gate bridge (Kudanshita Station)

Hanzomon bridge

Hanzomon bridge (Hanzomon Station)

Sakurada-mon Gate bridge

Sakurada-mon Gate bridge (Sakuradamon Station)

Iwaida Bridge

Iwaida Bridge (Sakuradamon Station)

Front of a riding ground gate bridge

Front of a riding ground gate bridge (Niju-bashi Bridge Station)

Wada Kurahashi

Wada Kurahashi (Otemachi Station)

Bellflower gate bridge

Bellflower gate bridge (Otemachi Station)

Sakashita-mon Gate bridge

Sakashita-mon Gate bridge (Otemachi Station)

Stone bridge

Stone bridge (Sakuradamon Station)

Niju-bashi Bridge

Niju-bashi Bridge (Sakuradamon Station)


kitakitsukyo (kitahanebashi) (Takebashi Station)

no image

seikitsukyo (nishihanebashi) (Takebashi Station)

no image

Lower Umebayashi gate outside bridge (Takebashi Station)