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Kanda Festival blog

The name: kandablog Making day: 2009/04/14 23:18
Kanda Festival

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 22:22

We climbed steep slope of Meiji Univ. Street and came over across Hijiribashi built over the Kanda River
Association of Kanda center.

The Ogawamachi alliance with sports shop street.

This is Sarugakucho.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 11:00

Masakado tomb for the war dead in Otemachi.
Here is the birthplace of Kanda Myojin.

Marunouchi town assembly major as for the one which we did in miniature shrine of Masakado mound preservation society with shrine.
It is supporting erateimasu for business people working for company and the company.

It was energetic Miyairi.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 8:00

It is Miyairi of large miniature shrine of former Kanda market by kokoshinshahosankai following Miyairi of the alliance.

At first humped-head goldfish by woman camp entered.

Large miniature shrine, precincts of former Kanda market were surrounded in awful heat.

Closing is that one is tradition, but hand of Kanda Myojin closes three of market common usage.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 7:47

Bird of Miyairi of the alliance is the eastern part of Akihabara.

It is 3, Higashikanda town assembly among precincts full people.

Miniature shrine where Kandaizumicho town assembly is excellent as for the large bird in the alliance.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 7:26

Miniature shrine to haul in in sequence without time to take a rest.

Wonderful Miyairi of 1, Kajicho town assembly.

This is 2, Kandasudacho town assembly.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/11 6:59

In heat of midsummer Kanda Festival miniature shrine Miyairi in the large prosperity for the closing.

Digest introduces design from the association of Kanda latter half in yesterday.

Fascinating goddess sedan chair is Sudacho central part town assembly.

While festival dance stares, 1, Awaji-cho town assembly is Miyairi.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/10 16:21

At about 4:00 p.m., Kanda old town ranges
Alliance Miyairi of middle Kanda district was finished.

Kanda Kamakura-cho where orange ornamental braid and green short coat are beautiful.

Big miniature shrine is 2, Kandatsukasamachi.

It is left another ten several.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/10 11:52

Iwamotocho, the Sotokanda alliance is Miyairi following Sotokanda.

Festival car of robe of an angel of Matsueda town is impressive.

This is Toshima-cho.

Miyairi of miniature shrines more than korakaramada 30 follows until the evening.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/10 10:56

From 9:00 a.m., each local miniature shrine does not run out of pull either
With shrine in the Kanda Myojin precincts; is doing.

The Sotokanda district alliance one after another.
Forever bridge town assembly that miniature shrine is beautiful.

Contributor: kandablog contribution day: 2009/05/10 8:09

On May 10, Miyairi of miniature shrine to Kanda Myojin begins at 9:00.

Dedication performance of drum which gathered begins in the whole country prior to entering shrine.

Miyairi meanders after 6:00 in the evening.