We introduce tourist attraction including historic spot "watching" 
We introduce restaurant information "eating" 
We introduce art museum or park which "learn, and are idle" 
We introduce souvenir shop and satelite shop "buying" 
We introduce "staying" hotel information 
Under "mutter sightseeing" to murmur sightseeing information on Twitter every day delivery
  Sound guide "voice navigator" around the Imperial Palace to listen to with cell-phone

Chiyoda Free Wi-Fi SPOT


The birthplace

We introduce the birthplace of various fields in Chiyoda-ku.

Ask the beginning of education and the welfare


Kaisei school (Ochanomizu Station)

Gakushuin (Takebashi Station)

Kudan Seika school (Kudanshita Station)


kobudaigakuko*hi (Toranomon Station)

The study of ancient Japanese thought and culture (Ochanomizu Station)

Kokugakuin University (Iidabashi Station)

Daito Bunka University (Iidabashi Station)

First Tokyo City junior high school (Hanzomon Station)

Tsuda Coll. (Hanzomon Station)

Electric equipment school (Ogawamachi Station)

Tokyo College of Music (Ochanomizu Station)

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Jimbocho Station)

Tokyo learning for women building (Nagatacho Station)

Tokyo Women's Medical University (Kudanshita Station)

The University of Tokyo (Jimbocho Station)

Tokyo University of Agriculture (Iidabashi Station)

Tokyo University of Science (Kudanshita Station)

The Univ. of Tokyo medical department (Iwamotocho Station)

Nippon Dental University (Otemachi Station)

Nihon University

Nihon University (Iidabashi Station)

The prefectural fourth junior high school (Iidabashi Station)

Meiji University

Meiji University (Yurakucho Station)

Meiji Pharmaceutical University (Kojimachi Station)

Hygienic laboratory (Akihabara Station)

The Japanese Red Cross Society (Iidabashi Station)

Japanese Lions Club (Otemachi Station)


Visit culture, writer


Rokumei-kan period (Uchi-Saiwaicho Station)

Kozukenosuke Oguri mansion trace (place of birth) (Ochanomizu Station)

Gesshin Saito home trace (place of birth) (Awajicho)

shinshima*sakisei*seikoreji (Jimbocho)

Place of Ichiyou Higuchi birth (Uchi-Saiwaicho Station)

Kazan Watanabe birth place (Nagatacho Station)


Ask the industrial beginning


PC (Akihabara Station)

Ready-made clothes wholesale district

Ready-made clothes wholesale district (Iwamotocho Station)

Badge business (Iidabashi Station)

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Pre-stressed concrete (Yurakucho Station)

Place of Tokyo suburbs telephone exchange office birth

Place of Tokyo suburbs telephone exchange office birth (Otemachi Station)

Place of telephone exchange creation (Tokyo Station)

Kanda vegetable and fruit market

Kanda vegetable and fruit market (Awajicho)


Mimeograph (Kanda Station)

Patriotism women's society (Kudanshita Station)


In quest of beginning of sports


Radio exercises society (Akihabara Station)

Baseball (Jimbocho Station) of Japan