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Mitama Festival


Event blog "Mitama Festival"

The name: mitamablog Making day: 2008/07/07 14:37
Period / from Sunday, July 13, 2008 to 16th Wednesday

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2010/07/16 9:20

The Bon Festival of Tokyo is at 16 days of farewelling spirits bonfire, too,
As for the Mitama Festival of Yasukuni Shrine, today is the last day.

Stall, fair which spreads out in outer garden during Mitama Festival period.
And to light of lantern of 30,000 appropriate for the name of "festival of light"
Girl, boy dressed in yukata, many people gather.
(but photograph is only girl ...)


It is Bon festival dance of federation of Chiyoda inhabitant of a ward dance in the circumference of Masujiro Omura bronze statue.
As for the this summer first Bon festival dance of Tokyo until today.

Yesterday, miniature shrine dedication was carried out from Otorii to front shrine on 15th.
Not OJD48 bright well, it is since the last miniature shrine of Otsuma Women's Univ.

It is the orthodox school, miniature shrine dedication of Kojimachi Yasukuni scheme to continue.

If bustle of miniature shrine does person paragraph and looks at lantern of shrine gate neighborhood
Ray of light of lantern and floodlight which bite heart, and enter.

Dedication Star Festival decoration of shrine gate is excellent, too.

The inner gardens are put under ban of eating and drinking. Some atmospheres are solemn, too.
In the neighborhood of front shrine, crescent moon is beautiful (it is revealed by photograph and is meat)
It was exquisite atmosphere.

Aomori "Nebuta" is dedicated today in the precincts in evening on the last day on 16th.
(as for the photograph thing of last year)

For more details → This

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2010/07/15 23:31

Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival of 2010 is the third day in the present days, too.
In evening, miniature shrine swing dedication was carried out from Otorii to shrine gate, the inner gardens.

We carry miniature shrine of Otsuma Women's Univ. on our shoulder, and is hand cheerleading moiety?
We pass through shrine gate in the best well although not getting used to carrying on the shoulder.

This is also miniature shrine dedication of Kojimachi Yasukuni scheme.
It was dedication miniature shrine which could be called smart tonic at hot summer night.

Light which miniature shrine is over, and lights up lantern around the shrine gate, the second torii.
And dedication Star Festival decoration was clean.

Mitama Festival will be until July 16 tomorrow.
Turnout is so in very many people on Friday on the weekend.
Attention is not apt to go to step when preoccupied with lantern.
As small child comes, please be careful.

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2010/07/13 23:53

July 13, 2010, case of tray of Tokyo.
Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival began.

It is season in the rainy season, but they have weather somehow, and the precincts are full of many people very much.
At first we visited the inner gardens of solemn atmosphere.

The Mitama Festival inner gardens

Dedication of Star Festival decoration which is excellent to shrine gate toward outer garden.

Mitama Festival shrine gate

Dedication of Awa Folk Dance was carried out in front of shrine gate today.

Mitama Festival Awa dance

Scenery of light toward the second torii is exquisite for shrine gate.

Mitama Festival lantern

Gathering of people dance that is annual with Masujiro Omura bronze statue.
Is it Ryoma leading related to Ryoma Sakamoto at this time of the year?

Mitama Festival Bon festival dance

However, it is large-scale with Bon festival dance in Yasukuni.

Mitama Festival Bon festival dance

Anyway, outer garden is lively and the average age is young, and yukata rate is high.

Mitama Festival yukata Mitama Festival yukata

As for the scooping goldfish good old as for the stand more than 200 as for the variation with richness.

Mitama Festival stall Mitama Festival scooping goldfish

Then, of course, in late years we did not readily see
Show booth and haunted house. Will it be place called summer festival of the Showa era in Japan?

Mitama Festival show booth Mitama Festival haunted house

On the other hand, there is the latest Class B gourmet and is Mitama Festival which interest is not simply.

Mitama Festival Class B gourmet

The details of Mitama Festival held until July 16 → This

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2010/07/12 22:10

Festival of light, Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival from tomorrow 13th.
We previewed on the evening of today.

Preparations for lantern of 30,000 are completed. We are overwhelmed to number.

Then stall stands by, too and OK's. We performed snap of shop worried about.



And the construction of obakeyashikito show booth is finished, too.


It seems to be full of a large number of yukata girls, boys on 16th from 13th tomorrow.
Of course business Perth mmo of return working

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2010/07/09 10:38

Festival, Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival of 22, Heisei time will begin on July 13 next week.
We peeped at the preparations situation with the beginning of the week near at hand.

Many lanterns have been already displayed in area of Masujiro Omura image from Otorii.

At the side of the precincts, preparations are pushed forward steadily whether it is show booth.

In the place of shrine gate, it is set lantern from now on by Masujiro Omura image.
Because it is lantern of approximately 30,000, preparations are great, too.

About Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival → This

About summer festival of Chiyoda → This

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2009/07/16 22:49

Yasukuni Shrine of 2009 2009, festival spirit of a dead person Festival of light
It was finished on July 16.

Miniature shrine parades the precincts after 7:00 and walks

It is horn in noh theater ☆Dedication concert of Hiro

Jazz vocalist Naoko Takahashi participates, too.

It is horn ☆Hiro shows Japanese standard number.

Atmosphere that is solemn in front of front shrine.

It is mixture of rays in front of shrine gate.

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2009/07/15 15:36

Secondary to yesterday, we introduce photograph of photographer Haruo Fujitsuka resident in Chiyoda-ku.

We became main character of TV saga "goddess of flowers" of NHK in the old days
Father, Masujiro Omura of Japanese modern military organization.

Masujiro Omura image of the Yasukuni precincts
Along with Takamori Saigou image of Ueno, Masashige Kusunoki image of Koukiyogaien
That it is said to be three major bronze statues of Tokyo.

We are spotlighted in front of many people
How much knows Masujiro Omura as expected; ...?

Person who does not know Masujiro Omura
Please see this.

Finally until July 16
Please see this in detail.

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2009/07/14 19:54

We introduce photograph of photographer (Chiyoda City Tourism Association area information adviser) Haruo Fujitsuka resident in Ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku.

Tent of stand is beautiful.

Lantern and light pillar are impressive in background of Bon festival dance.

Three shot of lantern and Star Festival and Nebuta.

Finally until July 16
Please see this in detail.

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2009/07/13 23:15

Mitama Festival of Yasukuni Shrine began.

(please see → this about schedule of 2009.)

In people who are great although being every year.
There being many girls of yukata.
Being proportional, and there being many boys.

Bon festival dance, contest of light, contest of stand.

There is haunted house, too.

There is atmosphere that is solemn if we pass through shrine gate.

konto of writer and athlete is a pleasure, too.

[Mr. Yoshinori Kobayashi]


It is beginning of tray of Tokyo.

Contributor: mitamablog contribution day: 2009/07/12 22:26

As for the Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival of 2009 from tomorrow July 13.

Lantern, stall are ready in the precincts and wait for tomorrow.

In the shop which only this does not usually see if there is much number of stalls.
Vegetables lightly pickled in salt of cucumber?

This is Taiwanese jelly.

I cannot readily see in city
Haunted house and show booth are like standby completion, too.