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Contributor: parkblog
2017/04/26 17:54

Is very comfortable; was, and, in weather, went for walk of Imperial Palace East Garden.

Azalea of the neighborhood of outworks of a castle garden reaches in full bloom!

Rhododendron Kaempferi. It seems that we receive positive light and are transparent. Good pinkness of article is very beautiful.

Colorful azalea was in full glory to eyes vividly.

Rhododendron blooms around Fujimi becoming known to the public. Flower is big.

kimokkoubara of rosary is in full bloom now! It seems to be in full bloom of white Rosa Banksiae a little earlier.

Rosa chinensis of very lovely hue. We seem to reach full bloom from now on.

There is wisteria trellis in the bank of pond of outworks of a castle garden. We look forward to full bloom.

Secondary to cherry tree, various flowers will reach in full bloom from now on. Season when basking in the sun feels very good. Please go to Imperial Palace East Garden!