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It drizzled in the morning, but went to Imperial Palace East Garden as it was fine in the afternoon.

Shobuda, blue flags which water has not been filled with yet last time are what in full blossom!
Blue flag of many kinds made colorful flower bloom and was very, very wonderful.
A lot of people who were crazy about to take photograph came to the outskirts.

Around Fujimi becoming known to the public in point that went up Shiomizaka, hydrangea has begun to bloom!
It was very colorful probably because we met after rain.
Hydrangea is lovely.

Figure which flew of dragonfly was outstanding in garden.
Weather whether is slightly hot and humid for walk after rain.
On outing, do not forget hat and water!

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Rosary information of Imperial Palace East Garden
Rosary close to Fujimi Tamon storage wall blooms very neatly from main enclosure open space.


Rosa chinensis

Florence Nightingale

Sweetbrier (flower of mark of Princess Masako)

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In weather that mostly cloudy, we went to Imperial Palace East Garden.
We entered at the Hirakawa gate.

Azalea which was Satsuki full bloom let completely deep-blue leaves grow thick last month.
We took a walk through around outworks of a castle pond today.

Most of customers who came were from foreign countries and were space that was full of international atmosphere while being Japanese-style garden.
We pressed shutter for scenery that was beautiful, everybody, and sat on bench leisurely and relaxed.

There is wisteria trellis in the bank of outworks of a castle pond, and silane is in full blossom before the eyes!
It is rather less, but rabbit-ear iris blooms with purple that is slightly lighter than silane with silane, too.

It is himekouhone to make yellow flower bloom.
Leaf floats on the surface of the water, and flower is pretty, and it blooms with nyokinyoki from the surface of the water.

Spatterdock was related by big leaf unlike himekouhone, and flower was modest for leaf.

There was Shobuda near the one of pond, and water had not been drawn yet, but iris was in full bloom.
We look forward to this here.

Flower around the pond.


Japanese sunflower

Rudder strawberry

Fruit of soshinroubai

Iris! Only one bloomed to shrubbery near tree of metropolis and districts quietly.
It seemed to bloom more a little at the earliest.

It is countdown until the beginning of the rainy season, in unhurried leisurely air that the urban noise is forgotten, how about enjoying walk of beautiful flower?

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Is very comfortable; was, and, in weather, went for walk of Imperial Palace East Garden.

Azalea of the neighborhood of outworks of a castle garden reaches in full bloom!

Rhododendron Kaempferi. It seems that we receive positive light and are transparent. Good pinkness of article is very beautiful.

Colorful azalea was in full glory to eyes vividly.

Rhododendron blooms around Fujimi becoming known to the public. Flower is big.

kimokkoubara of rosary is in full bloom now! It seems to be in full bloom of white Rosa Banksiae a little earlier.

Rosa chinensis of very lovely hue. We seem to reach full bloom from now on.

There is wisteria trellis in the bank of pond of outworks of a castle garden. We look forward to full bloom.

Secondary to cherry tree, various flowers will reach in full bloom from now on. Season when basking in the sun feels very good. Please go to Imperial Palace East Garden!

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Sightseeing in Tokyo Chrysanthemum flower meeting began on November 1 in grassland open space in Hibiya Park.

Even Chrysanthemum flower meeting of our country is display of outstanding scale.
Wonderful chrysanthemums form a line under the refreshing fine autumn sky. It is full of masterpieces.

Elegant daikikubonyo, large chrysanthemum cut flowers are wonderful.

There is display of bonsai like river, too and adds consultation corner.

Sale of seedling is carried out, too.
Please go to visit.

It is until sightseeing in Tokyo Chrysanthemum flower meeting, November 23 (celebration).
For more details, it is ⇒

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We held Edo-jo Castle walk on May 31.

Blessed with weather, we were too much endowed and were very hot day.
20 people (for 20 persons) from 30 generations to 80 generations participated.
We go round Edo-jo Castle while receiving explanation to guide every ten people.

Leave in Chiyoda City Tourism Association; and from the Shimizu gate to Kitanomaru-koen Park.

Kitanomaru-koen Park and Museum of Modern Art industrial arts building (important cultural property old Imperial Guard Division headquarters Government building)
After having observed, we enter Tomi garden from kitakitsukyomon
A good visits such as castle tower trace, corridor of pine, 100 guard stations.
Blue flag was in full glory in outworks of a castle garden and was very beautiful.

With Shozo Sannomaru building, we observe artworks of precious Imperial Household Agency with avoiding the heat.

We guide to hear story of Prince Masashige Kusunoki and are finished last toward Niju-bashi Bridge, Sakurada-mon Gate from Tomi garden.

It is meal of fun afterwards.
We will have kokokogakuju which reproduced taste of Edo from documents in Nanko rest house of Koukiyogaien.
That taste of the Edo era is expected is meal while talking happily.
It is this tour naradehadesu that commentary of one article of one article by chef de cuisine is with sweetness of the Edo era.
We take away chopsticks of Eco whom lunch has and come.
Souvenir from Tourism Association is Class four pieces of postcards of Chiyoda.

Your impression "was just right for both contents of guide and amount of money"
Which "meal was very delicious" was able to be pleased with which "we want to participate again!".
As for Edo-jo Castle walk, autumn in spring; is performed twice a year.
It is already reservation, and time on Saturday, June 6 is full, too, but accepts waiting for a cancellation.

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We participated in guided tour of Koukiyogaien!
On the afternoon of Thursday every month fourth in the association of nation Park by walk with guide (is excluded in midsummer, the depth of winters)
We hold and carry out tour that it is over to learn history and nature in Koukiyogaien free.
There is plan tour that is irregular, and is pleasant.
The details are ⇒

This time is Koukiyogaien nature observation society
... which walks old diameter of familiar Mr. Toru Iwasaki and umajosakitei* in ... "school grounds series"
We participated in "grass observation meeting of spring field".
We were tense and, concerning quite popular teacher, went out.

Okay, it is explained the trees and plants when natural observation begins in the way that you are dear happily,
This shows smile, too.

We realize that there is much nature in the Imperial Palace some other time.
It is apt to be thought that city has little green, but there is green that there is much here Tokyo in center Chiyoda-ku not to overwhelm.
We were surprised by a lot of weeds growing while being made green.

It became feeling to say to be careful not to tread casually.
If advantageous tour that is so wonderful, and is pleasant includes chance, please participate.

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We went to "Hibiya Akari terrace 2014" held in Hibiya Park.
It is carried out for two days on Friday on Thursday, December 18 and 19th.

Approximately 2,000 candles are installed in large fountain open space of Hibiya Park.

Around fountain, candle which expressed pattern like Christmas is turned on.

This is Santa Claus and reindeer. As temperature is low, you warm, and come.

There is shooting space in small concert hall stage, too. We can look around whole view.

You put together with illuminations of Marunouchi, and please enjoy Friday today for 19 days as you hold for from 17:00 to 20:30.

Detailed ⇒

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We went for Hibiya Matsumoto tower 10 yen curry charity of annual.
It is held on September 25 and is the 42nd in this year.

It drizzled and we played everybody umbrella and were lined up this year.

One lined up early in the morning dropped, and the tail was in the edge of park.

With start of 11:00, line advances one after another in Matsumoto tower.

Performance of wind music by university student enlivens event.
Cheerleader came for support, too.

After having raised funds, we will have stylish curry of specialty of Matsumoto tower.
We can enjoy heavy roux which meat was fully contained in.

By special tent, retort curry sold.
It was advantageous with special price of 10 yen curry.

Please use for meal on calling in Hibiya Park.

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Flower cluster amaryllis blooming around the autumn equinoctial week, alias cluster amaryllis.
Bright red flower is outstanding even from far away.
Flower sometimes has white kind.

The flowering situation in cluster amaryllis ward

Imperial Palace East Garden…We grow in colonies with points in garden.

Photograph is Shiomizaka and swan moat

Koukiyogaien……We grow in colonies with points for fieldwork of moat from Sakurada-mon Gate.
White flower sometimes blooms.

Photograph from Sakurada-mon Gate

Hibiya Park……We grow in colonies near tennis court.
We are burning red and are very beautiful.