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Sightseeing in Tokyo Chrysanthemum flower meeting began on November 1 in grassland open space in Hibiya Park.

Even Chrysanthemum flower meeting of our country is display of outstanding scale.
Wonderful chrysanthemums form a line under the refreshing fine autumn sky. It is full of masterpieces.

Elegant daikikubonyo, large chrysanthemum cut flowers are wonderful.

There is display of bonsai like river, too and adds consultation corner.

Sale of seedling is carried out, too.
Please go to visit.

It is until sightseeing in Tokyo Chrysanthemum flower meeting, November 23 (celebration).
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We held Edo-jo Castle walk on May 31.

Blessed with weather, we were too much endowed and were very hot day.
20 people (for 20 persons) from 30 generations to 80 generations participated.
We go round Edo-jo Castle while receiving explanation to guide every ten people.

Leave in Chiyoda City Tourism Association; and from the Shimizu gate to Kitanomaru-koen Park.

Kitanomaru-koen Park and Museum of Modern Art industrial arts building (important cultural property old Imperial Guard Division headquarters Government building)
After having observed, we enter Tomi garden from kita*kyomon
A good visits such as castle tower trace, corridor of pine, 100 guard stations.
Blue flag was in full glory in outworks of a castle garden and was very beautiful.

With outermost outworks Shozo building, we observe artworks of precious Imperial Household Agency with avoiding the heat.

We guide to hear story of Prince Masashige Kusunoki and are finished last toward Niju-bashi Bridge, Sakurada-mon Gate from Tomi garden.

It is meal of fun afterwards.
We will have kokokogakuju which reproduced taste of Edo from documents in Nanko rest house of Koukiyogaien.
That taste of the Edo era is expected is meal while talking happily.
It is this tour naradehadesu that commentary of one article of one article by chef de cuisine is with sweetness of the Edo era.
We take away chopsticks of Eco whom lunch has and come.
Souvenir from Tourism Association is Class four pieces of postcards of Chiyoda.

Impression of all of you "was just right for both contents of guide and amount of money"
Which "meal was very delicious" was able to be pleased with which "we want to participate again!".
As for Edo-jo Castle walk, autumn in spring; is performed twice a year.
It is already reservation, and time of Saturday, June 6 is full, too, but accepts waiting for a cancellation.

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We participated in guided tour of Koukiyogaien!
On the afternoon of Thursday every month fourth in the association of nation Park by walk with guide (is excluded in midsummer, the depth of winters)
We hold and carry out tour that it is over to learn history and nature in Koukiyogaien free.
There is plan tour that is irregular, and is pleasant.
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This time is Koukiyogaien nature observation society
... which walks old diameter of familiar Mr. Toru Iwasaki and umajosakitei* in ... "school grounds series"
We participated in "grass observation meeting of spring field".
We were tense and, concerning teacher of extreme popularity, went out.

Okay, it is explained the trees and plants when natural observation begins in the way that oneself is dear happily,
This shows smile, too.

When there is much nature in the Imperial Palace, we realize some other time.
It is apt to be thought that city has little green, but there is green that there is much here Tokyo in center Chiyoda-ku not to overwhelm.
We were surprised by a lot of weeds growing while being made green.

It became feeling to say to be careful not to tread casually.
If advantageous tour that is so wonderful, and is pleasant includes chance, please participate.

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We went to "Hibiya Akari terrace 2014" held in Hibiya Park.
It is carried out for two days of Friday on Thursday, December 18 and 19th.

Approximately 2,000 candles are installed in large fountain open space of Hibiya Park.

Around fountain, candle which expressed pattern like Christmas is turned on.

This is Santa Claus and reindeer. As temperature is low, you warm, and come.

There is photography space in small concert hall stage, too. We can look around whole view.

You put together with illuminations of Marunouchi, and please enjoy Friday today for 19 days as you hold for from 17:00 to 20:30.

Detailed ⇒

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We went for Hibiya Matsumoto tower 10 yen curry charity of annual.
It is held on September 25 and is the 42nd in this year.

It drizzled and we played everybody umbrella and were lined up this year.

One lined up early in the morning dropped, and there was the tail in the edge of park.

With start of 11:00, line advances one after another in Matsumoto tower.

Performance of wind music by university student enlivens event.
Cheerleader came for support, too.

After having raised funds, we will have stylish curry of specialty of Matsumoto tower.
We can enjoy heavy roux which meat was fully contained in.

By special tent, retort curry sold.
It was advantageous with special price of 10 yen curry.

Please use for meal on calling in Hibiya Park.

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Flower cluster amaryllis blooming around the autumn equinoctial week, alias cluster amaryllis.
Bright red flower is outstanding even from far away.
There is sometimes kind that flower is white.

The flowering situation in cluster amaryllis ward

Imperial Palace East Garden…We grow in colonies with points in garden.

Photograph is Shiomi Hill and swan moat

Koukiyogaien……We grow in colonies with points for fieldwork of moat from Sakurada-mon Gate.
White flower sometimes blooms.

Photograph from Sakurada-mon Gate

Hibiya Park……We grow in colonies near tennis court.
We are burning red and are very beautiful.

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On Friday, August 22, annual, Hibiya Park Marunouchi leading size Bon festival dance meet are held on Saturday on 23rd.
We introduce opening state.

As for the opening, there are greetings than Matsumoto tower Kosaka of Bon festival dance meet executive committee; is opening a barrel in members.

Inner Bon festival dance start that we do not go down, and positive is still well acquainted with.

In reference to dance of federation of folk song of each ward, general participants begin to dance by watching and learning from other people, too.

Double ring is fourfold, and it increases to five folds in a few minutes.

People who do not participate in dance buy beer and snacks in eating and drinking booth and can admire in lawn open space.

Area gradually darkened, too, and Bon festival dance became up to professional standard, too.

Hibiya Park is crowded very much in no time. Everybody dance was enjoyed.

It will be held tomorrow on Saturday for 23 days. Of Toho Eiga Co., Ltd. "maiko lady" there is event, too.

For more information about event

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Azalea blooms in Imperial Palace East Garden.
Already approximately in full blossom.

Is it best this weekend?

Come to Chiyoda-ku secondary to cherry tree by all means.

If good photograph comes out, please apply for sightseeing photograph contest of Chiyoda.
The details are ⇒

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Inui street which is opened to the public for five days from Friday, April 4 to Tuesday, April 8.

Guide from Sakashita-mon Gate
Subway Chiyoda Line Niju-bashi Bridge Station is the nearest, but can walk here from Otemachi Station and Tokyo Station.

Guide from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
If we line up, and turn comes, we cannot enter because it is guide when it is 3:00 while we line up.

We went on 5th.

Half past 8 a.m.
Figure that many people go to Sakashita-mon Gate at a quick pace from Tokyo Station is seen.

9:00 a.m.
We lined up. There was line from Sakashita-mon Gate to place near Niju-bashi Bridge.
With friend who line up earlier as is clogged up closely, and line up, and is late cannot join.
It is very dangerous we enter by force, and to join.
Please advance relaxedly patiently.

Half past 9 a.m.
It is become a disciple early for 30 minutes by entrance start, the top. Line advances, and stopping marino repeats itself.
It is checked the contents of bag by the first tent. We open out beforehand and prepare.
Woman goes by the second tent, and the right, man go and are security check on the left side.
And because participant of man and woman joins afterwards, you stop, but "please do not stop because you are dangerous."
There is to announcement.

It is past 10:10 that we passed through Sakashita-mon Gate.
We were able to enter early than we thought.

Couple and brothers seemed to be easy to get separated, and caller drifted consistently.
As precious scenery is spoiled, you should decide wait place when you failed to return (we come back in the original intention) in old days.
That we appear, or the Inui gate is castle tower trace if we get separated.

There is exit with method to enter the Inui gate and Tomi garden.
We can enjoy cherry tree of Kitanomaru-koen Park and Chidori-ga-fuchi when we leave the Inui gate.
You enjoy cherry tree of Tomi garden when you enter Tomi garden, and it leaves from kita*kyomon, and do you enjoy cherry tree of Kitanomaru-koen Park?
You go out of the Hirakawa gate, and do you enjoy late-blooming double cherry blossom Kazuha and Termeric of major moat green tract of land?
We go out of Otemachi and can enjoy shopping in Marunouchi.

Yoshino cherry tree is about to be scattered, but please enjoy relaxedly as Sakura of late-blooming kind can enjoy from now on.

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... to send information of cherry tree of ... early blooming class to

Japanese scenery "cherry tree" to be season of cycle of three cold days and four warm days, but to carry spring
But, we flowered.
"Is it ettsu? ? Will person come now, too?
It is "cherry tree" blooming early including Kawazu cherry tree.
In Kawazu-cho of originator Izu, it is "Kawazu Sakura Festival" now being held until from February 5 to March 10 in this year.
Please appreciate in middle Chiyoda-ku which does not drink one, Tokyo without time to go to Izu.

"Kawazu cherry tree" which blooms in Marubeni headquarters building in Takebashi
As we protrude, the sidewalk can admire branch from right under from the site of Marubeni.

Kitanomaru-koen Park (year round, admission for free)
Sakura to early blooming - late-blooming flower gathers.

Kawazu cherry tree is greatly the best part.
It will be the best when we eat lunch at bench of side.

Cold cherry tree is near full bloom, too, and chicken scatters flowers.

Imperial Palace East Garden (admission for free, moon gold rest)
Rather thin branch which is Kawazu cherry tree of Sakurajima blooms full.

Will little-colored dark cherry tree, tsubakikanzakura be still coming out for three minutes?
We look forward to this.

Ryukyu cold scarlet cherry tree
It is considerably thick Sakura of color. It is characteristic of cold scarlet cherry tree that flower blooms downward.

October cherry tree and winter cherry tree which he/she pleased during winter.

He/she has a heated steadily from now on.
We show around flowering information with tweet and blog.