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Event blog "Kanda snowman fair"

The name: kandayukiblog Making day: 2008/11/11 9:49
It is blog about Kanda snowman fair.

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 12:07

Entry number 18, "huh, Bell"

Entry number 19 "Snow frap Tino"

Entry number 20 "Manager Kuma."
It is likely that this had accident.

Entry number 21 "flight"

Entry number 23 "pipo"


Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 11:52

Entry number 15 "This is it."
Unfortunately it seems to have been gone into mischief.

Entry number 16 "rabbit"

Entry number 17 "Asahi"

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 11:38

Entry number twelfth "kyuta"

Entry number thirteenth "future and dream"

Entry number 14th "miracle Phoenix of Chile"

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 11:33

Entry number ninth "leap"

Entry number tenth "Snow world"

Entry number eleventh "glasses rabbit"

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 11:24

Entry number sixth "Venus"

Entry number seventh "rice JAPAN"

Entry number eighth "chopper."
We remember Jimbocho dress carnival of last year.

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 11:12

Kanda snowman fair that reached the tenth in 2011.
Result of snowman contest is announced soon at about 12:30 on January 16.

We watched snowman before the last touching up makeup in the morning.

Entry number first "family love." Eyes were repaired later!

Entry number second "policewoman who follows town of Kanda."
He/she seems to protect well.

Entry number fifth "friend." This is adjusted for the last time today, too.

To be continued!

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 6:55

Everybody of mall of Yasukuni Dori Kandaogawamachi neighborhood,
It has been opened by hand of everybody of Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma
The tenth that should memorialize "Kanda snowman fair" in this year.

In thing called this, there are particularly full of plans this time.
It was opened in that on Saturday on 15th on Friday on 14th
Winter candle & illuminations,
There was handmade feeling and it was warm and directed beautiful space.

Kanda snowman fair candle & illuminations

Event that this event is held in Shikasawa hot-spring village of Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma
We went on a business trip in ski outfitter street of this Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku and held.
Illuminations machine parts are carry-ons from Kazawa Onsen.

Candle of ice and candle which person who visited venue described die in snowy field
Book of night dropped and became fantastic atmosphere.

Kanda snowman fair candle & illuminations

To city dweller getting used to overwhelming illuminations including Tokyo midtown
We did not give a warm such impression although being compact ...

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/16 5:02

Kanda snowman fair.
Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma that has you carry snow of 70 tons and greatly contribute to this event.
For the name, we are known as sacred place for devoted husbands.

Event that is held in Tsumagoi-mura "kyabechu"
"We appeal for love at the center of kaleyard".
This event that was held in "hill of beloved wife" of Tsumagoi-mura, and became the fifth in 2,010 years
Business trip is held by snowman fair of Kandaogawamachi as "ogachu"!

Splendid "cry stand" made with snow was installed in venue.

Kanda snowman fair

Firstly it is warm-up of cry by instruction of Secretary General of association of Japanese devoted husband.

Kanda snowman fair

Then, person appealing for love one after another gets nervous to stand.
It is woman and child that there is much.

Kanda snowman feaogachuDetails...

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2011/01/15 14:27

"Kanda snowman fair" that reached the tenth at this time
We reached the second day and considerably swelled.

It is along Yasukuni Dori lined with snowman contest entries
Familiar work which has been already produced.

Kanda snowman fair

There is work producing as of noon on 15th and finishes for full one day.

Kanda snowman fair

It is contest entry in brook open space venue.
Country where probably snow will not fall as for this, production of the African Beninese embassy staff.
We want to pay attention tomorrow.

Kanda snowman fairDetails...

Contributor: kandayukiblog contribution day: 2010/01/25 9:39

Snowmen which enlivened Kanda snowman fair in 2010 return in Tsumagoi-mura.

Work of gem of contest participation group.
Snowmen restored neatly by everybody of Tsumagoi,
It is held for from 29 to 31 on January
We participate in "Asama Heights winter festival". 

Snowmen are waiting for turn now in Hotel green plaza Karuizawa.
We have ocarina concert of Sojiro on January 30, too.