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Famous spot of colored leaves Shimizudani Park


Front part of park 2008.12.8 shooting

2008.12.13 shooting

2008.12.13 shooting


Following the fact that the Toshimichi Okubo accident memory site whole area was donated, Shimizudani Park was opened in March, 1890. Because there was the area whole area in mansion boundary of the Kii Tokugawas of the Edo era, the Iis, and miraculous water (Shimizu) sprang out in this boundary having been valley, Kii Tokugawa house and lot, this place name was touched. Around Prince Okubo mourning monument of the park center, many trees are placed and are used as oasis which is full of green.

Ginkgo and maple, zelkova provide space of healing to city in season of colored leaves.

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 Is video with design of Shimizudani Park; (12.11 shooting)



Location 2, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku
Access From Akasaka-Mitsuke Station from 3-minute walk Nagatacho Station a 5-minute walk

Shimizudani Park MAP