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Contributor: machiblog2
2016/11/11 13:00

The pivot of Edo! The pivot of Sanada moat and Osaka! The Sanada-maru


The NHK TV saga "Sanada-maru is finally the final stage, too"

Tokugawa was accompanied by older brother Nobuyuki Sanada of main character Nobushige Sanada (good luck village), and Chiyoda-ku held daimyo's mansion in Edo, present Chiyoda-ku.


By the way, by the way, Sanada
Nobushige Sanada (good luck village) is said to have built the Sanada-maru in place of *kamae with difficulty at plane called defense of Osaka-jo Castle to reinforce weak point
We dug the biggest weak point of Edo-jo Castle in Edo-jo Castle, and Nobuyuki Sanada seemed to build the most relevant defense mechanism called Sanada moat.

Photograph: History of nation trace Edo-jo Castle outer moat guide map issuance Chiyoda-ku


Even if there was the name to be called Sanada moat because Sanada was in charge of construction, we have only the name of Sanada though famous famous admirals line up to daimyo who constructed Edo-jo Castle outer fence like lower photograph.

Photograph: History of forming anew Chiyoda-ku complete history document issuance Chiyoda-ku

Why are reason, it with the name of Sanada? Mystery.

On the plateau most of high altitudes in *kamae eno of Edo-jo Castle, is magnificent construction that 13 meters dig plateau in the most deep part and do in Mizubori performed fault?
In any case, in having been splendid family who carried the pivot of defense in both Osaka-jo Castle and Edo-jo Castle, it is different, and there will not be the Sanadas.
Bottom is Nobuyuki Sanada portrait.

Photograph: It is Hideaki Kobayakawa, Nobuyuki Sanada collection of National Diet Library digital collection portraits 8

Photograph: Sanada treasure building storehouse portrait 003 Yasushi Take great gracious god (Nobuyuki Sanada) image

We are buried, and current Sanada moat becomes ground of Sophia University, but can feel depth when we see the ground. Bottom, Sanada moat photograph.